We all know that person who hates their life. They hate the way they look, their job, their weight, their skin, their God. They want everything to change, but they never do anything about it. These people complain, and never loose sight of the storm, but the problem with focusing on the storm is that you’ll forget to look for the rainbow.

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When I coined the current tagline for the blog “learn to love the life you’re living” I wasn’t sure what it meant. But looking back I think it was God telling me that I need to encourage others to have a positive outlook on their existence. You see that phrase does not put emphasis on having a good life, wealth, or a beautiful existence. It places emphasis on you deciding to see the beauty in the life that you have. So the question is; how exactly we are supposed to do that? How do you “learn to love the life you’re living.”


This is a position of emptiness, you have to be willing to accept new information and process it. It means accepting that thou art not the omniscient God but a human who has a long way to go. It means that when you make a mistake, you sit up and analyse where and why you went wrong. It means asking for help, learning from your mistakes and working to be better. Learn implies being observant and applying wisdom. So stay woke, and learn a little every day.

2) Love
What is love? Is it a noun, a verb, or fantasy? Like learning love is also a posture we need to assume. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the feeling that is love, but if we don’t do anything about it, it withers. As a result, we need to support love the noun by love in action ( the verb). This means reaching out in kindness to yourself and others. It means being gentle and forgiving to others and yourself. It means respecting the boundaries of those close to us, and our boundaries as well. The thing about love is that selfishness is against its nature. Love is what Paul describes it to be. It is good; it can never be bad.

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3) Life
One of my favourite poems as a child, was by William Henry Davies called Leisure. The first line says “what is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”. That is life, though, isn’t it? Things happen, but we need to keep on moving. It has its ups and downs, high points and low points but it remains life. We cannot stop it, we cannot pause it, we cannot yell at it. It is life, it is nature, things will happen. Accepting life means standing in the place of the serenity prayer and knowing we can either change things or accept them. Bothering and complaining about the way life is is more destructive than productive.

4) You are
This mean ownership. Who are you? Who do you want to be and how are you going to get there? What do you like about yourself? What can you improve upon? Who do the people who know you say you are? Are you self-aware? Knowing who you are, means accepting that you are worth something, you are special, you have a purpose to accomplish.

5) Living
This means there is still life in your body. It is not over yet. There is more to come; it is an ongoing process. Living means being aware that whatever struggles you faced did not overwhelm you. They did not push you down. They did not destroy you, so you can still make it. You can still achieve your goals. It is a posture of outlook. It means you may not be where you want to be, but there is still a chance that you might get there. It is a position of optimism, it is one of hope.

Over to you? How do you learn to love the life you’re living? What does that mean yo you? How do you encourage others to do the same?

Leave a comment below and let’s chat about it.

Until next time.
Dami loves

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