I recently read Five Love Languages – Singles Edition, and it was a rather enlightening read. I have often passed by the original book in bookstores and ignored it as I was aware it was written for married couples, however once I read a sample on my kindle app, I knew I had to read the whole book; here’s why.

Once you get stuck into the book, Chapman encourages you that love is many things, but at its most powerful, it is truly a verb. Different people interpret and manifest this verb in a variety of ways; hence the importance of understanding the love languages. Understanding each love language, is not just the point, but identifying our love language and that of our friends, loved ones and even foes, can make a difference in even the most testing of relationships.

Word of Affirmation
Do you tell the people around you that they are appreciated? Chapman reminds us that people want to know that however little their effort, someone notices and appreciates it. Is it a family friend? A co-worker? A parent? Telling someone how much they mean to you or how well they completed a task inevitably stirs shows your gratitude that goes a long way. Do not lie, just find find something worth complementing them about. Everyone has at least one redeeming quality.

I thought this was going to be one of my love languages. But I realised that in as much as I appreciated a good gift, I never saw myself tied to a gift, neither did define my relationships by the gifts I received from others.

Acts of Service
I love acts of service; there are so many things that people have done for me in the past that make me so grateful. My friends breaking their precious nails whilst helping me assemble flatpack furniture in my first studio apartment, and then helping me move my things from a huge storage space into my first real apartment. It was on the third floor, and there wasn’t a lift. We spent all day lifting boxes. Thanks, girls I do remember and appreciate it all.

Quality Time
Manipedi, Lunchdate, shopping, road trip, sitting at home chilling, Skype! Yep, I love to feel connected to the people in my life and unfortunately for me, and occasional text does not seem to cut it. I enjoy spending time deepening my connection with my loved ones, after all it’s the memories that last forever, not the gifts.

I love hugs, need I say more.

What I love about this singles edition is that it focuses on the day to day encounters that life is about. It is not a book on ‘how to find a mate’ or ‘keep a mate’. Instead, it is one that gives you the necessary tools on how to improve and maintain current relationships. I completed the love language test at the end of the book, and apparently Quality Time; followed by Touch are my love languages. I was rather pleasantly surprised by this revelation.

So do pick up this book the next time you go book hunting, or buy it on your Kindle today! Let me know what you think about the love languages? Do you think it is as enlightening as I found it? What is your love language? Where you surprised by it?

Do share your thoughts below. You know Dami loves to read.
Until next time.