Maybe you’ll go,
I’m asking as I pray,
Maybe I’ll open the door that will make you stay.

Maybe you’ll be patient,
perhaps a little kind,
Maybe you’ll want to learn why my heart beats this way.

Maybe you’re afraid,
are you a little shy
Maybe you’ll find the courage it takes, to give this thing a try.

Maybe you are weary,
your bones a little frail,
Maybe you’ll find strength, enough to start the sail.

Maybe I am lying,
that I never tell lies,
Maybe my demons, still act as little spies.

Maybe I’ll love you,
or perhaps try to like,
Maybe you’ll not bother and instead take a hike.

Maybe I’m hidden,
covered by a giant wall,
Maybe the key is hidden within an unknown stall.

Maybe I’m silent,
refusing to say a word,
Maybe you’re still thinking, I’m really very odd.

Maybe you’ll go,
I can’t make you stay,
Maybe it was never meant to be, anyway.


via Daily Prompt: Maybe

Image credit -WAK

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