I saw this title on Mandy Hale’s Blog and I decided to join in too. I checked google, and the term ‘being single sucks’ yielded 4,570,000 results almost as many as Finding Mr Right. Do you recall that article? I think ‘single sucks’ occurs in a series of moments when the reality of ‘singleness’ hits, and the accuser within reminds you of your marital status. Yes I am enjoying my season, but I still have these five single sucks moments.

1) Bedtime
This is a bittersweet moment as I enjoy having my bed to myself most nights. However when I need a cuddle, single sucks, when I have a nightmare it sucks it even worse. When I crave a hug, on a bad day, and it’s too late to go to friends, I embrace ice cream; hugging calories = single sucks.

2) Car Trouble and DIY
I know this sounds selfish, and I often get by on my own, but putting up new flat pack shelves and chipping my nails has never been my idea of fun. There is a light bulb in my apartment that I have been unable to replace for weeks; I promise, I tried. I have been driving for a few years now, and anything other than taking my car to the valet and topping up on petrol frightens me. I do not understand cars, and I probably don’t want to. I’ve googled all sorts of things about batteries, lights and engine oil. Whenever I have a problem I take the car to the mechanics, but really, I’d rather have someone at home who knew how to handle these little things.

3) Post Cooking
I know, this could be hit or miss depending on the man you have. However, sometimes, after cooking a large meal, or several meals of the Nigerian variety, I do not feel the urge to wash up. I routinely wash as I go along, but there is always one saucepan left behind, items to dry and a sink to clean up. It would be a welcome change not to have to do the post cooking wash up all by myself, all the time.

4) Baby Fever
I love babies. Love them; they are so precious and beautiful. Yes, toddlers are amazing too. I know they grow up into teenagers, but sometimes you see a family portrait and the baby is co cute. In those moments, I feel as though I should get married in haste so I could hold my bundle of joy. Sorry if men feel like a means to an end on this, I’m just honest!

5) Prayer
I remember saying to my friend last year, that I needed to work on my prayer life. I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go. I heard a woman recently say her husband woke her at one a.m. for prayers together, and I thought to myself, I’d like that. Perhaps not prayer meetings at one a.m., however, if he was lead by the Spirit and he obeyed, I will be willing. Having someone to pray with at odd hours is something I desire.

There it is five single sucks moments. Here are some questions for you.
Do you have any moments when being single sucks? What about being in a relationship do you enjoy? Do you ever yearn for singleness, and if so, why?

Love it or hate it, leave a comment below.
Until next time.

image credit – http://journalisticchic.com

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