You are unique!
You are special! Do not allow the world tell you otherwise!
Do not look in the mirror and wish you looked different.
Do not change your heart to suit the expectations of the world.

Do not stifle your voice because they do not like your words.
You were created for a reason.
Look in the mirror and figure out for yourself who you are.
Do not attempt to please the world.
Their adulation lasts only for a moment.

Go for it! Take that leap of faith.
The world will abuse you. They will criticise you.
The world will not see beauty in your mess.
They will not see all your dreams as golden.

Go ahead, be brave, go it alone.
Alone is not so bad.
You have a host of angels behind you.


Video credit: youtube

Have a musically motivated Monday! Remember, be yourself because everyone else is already taken. Until next time xx

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