image Hello Friends, as promised, I have brought you a mini album following my recent trip to Nice! Sorry it has taken this long for me to get back into a rhythm with publishing posts, I have been recovering following the CHALLENGE!! I went on holiday in July and was ready with my camera, and put my invisible blogger hat on as I toured the ancient city, my afro was out to play as well! Sorry about the squint, lost my sunglasses at BCDO.

Cours Saleya
Never had I seen fruit and vegetables so large, and flowers so bright and beautiful.

On my way back from Cours Saleya, I had to cool myself down, and I found the most delightful gelato shop, and I had Lavender ice-cream and it was delightful.

Yes, I had to go see the city Grace Kelly fell in love with. Or perhaps the city that came along with the man she fell in love with! Oh! To fall in love with a man that comes with a city! I must say, it is a beautiful little principality.

After visisting the palace (no photos allowed) and going to the aquarium, I stopped by a little hill in the city to peruse, the car collection of Prince Rainer III. Future hubby take note, I loved those cars 😜

So yes I had food! And then some! Did I ever mention that I love seafood!

Parc de Colline du Chateau!
I really wanted to see Parc de Colline du Chateau prior to getting to Nice. I had heard read of the legendary 400 steps and the panoramic views of Nice, I was itching get my camera out and capture the magic. The climb up was not bad, it took about 30 minutes to get my group of 14 people of three generations up to the top! And trust me, it was worth the climb. Once we made it to the top, we found the amazing water falls that chilled us along with several scoops of ice-cream!!

Some random photos thrown in, I love that yellow jumper. It makes everything look so bright!

Finally a video, to finish off! Music Credit; FUN


Until next time friends! You know Dami loves to travel!