Hello, friends! I am at it again, so sorry March found me without a #cooknigeriachallenge post. March was very busy, and then Rome came calling. I’ll tell you about that later! I planned on cooking Onunu as it was the original inspiration behind this challenge, but then Dooney’s blog happened. I was preparing to cook it with catfish pepper soup, then I read Dooney’s post on Onunu. She had declared war on the tradition by stating she would be eating Onunu with any soup of her choice in the foreseeable future. As a result, I decided to step out there and go a bit crazy. I have created a Yoruba-Deltan marriage.

You can read Dooney’s post here. You know how much I love intertribal marriages. If you don’t, read my article on marrying an Igbo man here. Everyone has loved it so far; I’m sure you will too.

So here we go. To be fair, I was initially apprehensive of the combination. However, I love Eforiro, and Onunu has to be the sweetest Nigerian carbohydrate food I’ve tasted. So forcing them to become acquainted in marriage seemed like a genius idea. However, the result exceeded my expectations!!

Disclaimer: If you are trying to please a prospective Deltan mother in law, cook Onunu accompanied with fish pepper soup! When you’re her daughter then you can start experimenting!!
deltan onunu recipe and yoruba eforiro

I hope you try the combination sometime soon!
Let me know how it goes! What do you think, did I break too many rules by doing this? Will the traditionalists come to find me? Or is this what cooking is all about, having fun and making magic?

Until next time, Dami loves Cooking!!

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