A few days ago I pulled up at the traffic light as the lights turned red. Hand break up, foot rested I noticed a car on my left speed right past the light like he was superman himself. As soon as the that happened the eye candy of a police officer that was neatly settled behind me in his subtly marked official vehicle, drove out to pull him over. What ensued was a very public talking to, and an embarrassed driver. This made me consider, who am I when no one is watching? And am I proud of that person?

This is a very pertinent question, as this is truly what determines our character and defines us as individuals. It is funny how many people say that what is done in secret will always be made public. But this is not always the case, many times we do not find out what a person has done behind closed doors. Or do we? I am of the opinion that we actually do. And if we as people were more discerning we would realize that our outward appearance, speech and attitude to life is based on the actions made in our solitary time and thought process. Many times, without knowing it we reveal ourselves to others, our subconscious slips out and Freudian slip occurs. People surprisingly say things like; ‘oh wow’, ‘that’s bitter’, ‘I wasn’t expecting that’. Suddenly as the reaction hits us, we retreat; back into our cocoon, into the place we feel more comfortable, into the facade and the creation we want the world to see.

John Wooden said; ‘the true test of a mans character is what he does when no one is watching’. Is this not true? Who are you when you are all by yourself? When the solitude gives you an overwhelming sense of comfort. What does your mind think? What do your hands do? Where do your feet go?

Now consider this; are you not the sum of things you do in the absence of an audience? I considered this and I began to make a list of habits that I had, things I only ever did at home and I thought to myself, if any one ever found out about this, would I be happy? Would I be proud? I’m sure the young man driving that day did not expect to be so publicly humiliated. I suspect that he had broken traffic laws before with no obvious consequences. Yet as quickly as taking a risk is, it easily becomes a pattern and a pattern becomes a habit, our habits becomes who we are. As such, we are changed into the very thing we never wanted to be. Think about this if you knew the consequence of your secret actions, would they still be worth it?

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