Last year I attended the annual Notting Hill Carnival for the first time. It was a rainy bank holiday weekend and I wanted to go to the carnival! I had never been before and my friends had vowed to join me as we explored the rainy London streets in search of jerk chicken and ginger beer. However, this is a Dami story and in typical fashion I ended up going on my own as my friends were AWOL.

Once I stepped foot onto the wet London streets that day I knew I was in for the unexpected. First off, I was badly dressed wearing flats and a flimsy spring jacket, I knew I would catch a cold. I made my way to the wagamama in Harvey Nichols to enjoy my staple firecracker crackers prawns before I headed of. Yes I had my umbrella! Once I got on the bus to the carnival I realized I was already at the carnival. The pungent stench of rum flooded my nostrils and the riotous singing deafened my ears. I made my way to the top of the double Decker bus, clinging to my camera for dear life hoping it would get smashed, soaked or stolen.

On arrival at the Carnival I saw the humble christian folks at Kensignton Temple using the opportunity to evangelize to drunk and sober passers by. Portable Toilets opened and not in use because the inebriated were either not bothered or too unsteady to make it. I wanted to see the carnival the outfits and the colours, but all I saw was food, drink, and X-rated dancing.


After walking about 30 minutes into the carnival I felt as though I had arrived at the party; different pockets of people expressing themselves through dance and music. Londoners seating on their windowsills enjoying the carnival from a respectable distance, and police officers often cracking a smile when things got interesting. Random people stopped me in the street requesting I take a photo, after all that’s why I was there right? And then the couple below so cute, he was adamant I capture him and his lady love, while she on the other hand was as shy as can be.


When I finally arrived to the arena, I was enamored by the outfits or lack thereof! I was surprised that so many people where comfortable with being clad with so little in such bad weather, and yet have so much fun! They were men and women, of all sizes, in all colours having fun and celebrating with one another. It was unbelievable, as I sit at my desk now and type this the memories are so vivid, I can hear the music! I can see the colours! But the closer I get to it the faster I need to run from the amorous atmosphere.






I hope you enjoyed the photos and the share,I suggest you attend it for the experience I’m certain there isn’t another carnival to equal it in London. I’m certain I won’t attend this year, perhaps a new stimulating event will suffice! You know Dami loves to travel.



Until next time