Ofe Egusi

Hello friends!! I have begun the #cookNigeriachallenge, as you know, I have decided to cook a  new Nigerian soup once month this year. I will kick off the challenge by cooking one of the most loved soups across the southern tribes of Nigeria. Egusi. Who knew that Egusi was cooked in different ways by Igbo’s? Here is Ofe Egusi! I always assumed that lumpy Yoruba Egusi was the way to go,yet as I fried and fried the Egusi, I realised it tasted just as good as we cook it in Ondo state! I used Dooney’s recipe for ‘Ofe Egusi’ you can find it here. Two things I learned in the process,

  1. Blend your Egusi with onions, the resulting flavour is exquisite.
  2. Keep frying the Egusi, it’s worth it in the end
  3. Eat Egusi with Pounded Yam, Dami is not a fan of Garri..

Until next time, I will come your way with Afang Soup! Wish me luck!