Day 12 of the 30 Day open letter challenge; a letter of your choice

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An open letter to old friends.

We used to talk together
I swear our hearts did beat as one
We thought this day would never come
The day we’d meet as strangers

There we were on the green belt
We giggled as he looked at us
Not him we said, we wanted better
I truly hope you did get better

Tell me what makes you smile?
Do sad movies still make you cry?
Does your heart still yearn for romance?
Or has this world, made you doubt?

You deserve all you wanted
You were pure, good and gentle.
No event, no real ending,
We went our ways and gently parted.

I wish you well in all you do,
Today I’ll say a prayer for you.
I hope you found a good companion,
A friend that stays forever true.

Dami loves