In an attempt to give my creativity a boost, I decided to join a blogging challenge. It was important for me to complete the chosen challenge, so I began to deliberate on which one I should attempt. Then I found this ’30 Day Open Letter Challenge’ on Pinterest, I do not know who came up with it, if you do please let me know. I have decided to dedicate the month of July to this challenge with the aim of completing it and having one rest day, as July has 31 days. I have also chosen to complete this challenge in reverse order, just to be different. I hope you’ll enjoy these letters as much as I’ll enjoy writing them. I’ve listed the questions below so you can have a preview. It seems like Dami loves a challenge. See you on the other side!!

An open letter to;
Day 1; your significant other (or future significant other)
Day 2; yourself as a child
Day 3; your best friend
Day 4; the person that has influenced you the most
DAY 5; a celebrity you like
Day 6; a letter of your choice
Day 7; a celebrity you dislike
Day 8; a product/company
Day 9; your parents
Day 10; leader of your country
Day 11; to God
Day 12; a letter of your choice
Day 13; your body
Day 14; favourite teacher
Day 15; community
Day 16; family as a whole
Day 17; friends as a whole
Day 18; a letter of your choice
Day 19; your boss
Day 20; your children
Day 21; someone who hurt you
Day 22; your worst habit
Day 23; best quality
Day 24; a letter of your choice
Day 25; someone who upsets you on a regular basis
Day 26; a stranger
Day 27; your hero, someone you look up to
Day 28; someone who barely know who has impacted you in some way
Day 29; a letter to your day
Day 30; a letter of your choice