I paid a visit to the local market today; Yes, I am in Nigeria! As I put on an oversize kaftan and kept my wig off, I heartily recalled a moment similar to this several years over a decade ago when I paid an August visit to another local market. I was either 11 or 12, and I was home from boarding school. In some inadvertent way, we all began discussing which member of the family was brave enough to go into the market alone and make a reasonable purchase. I recall being as brave as I ever was, as I boldly stated that I was able to do this. I stated that I was able to do this because I had seen it done several times in my life. Dear God; why did that brave girl disappear?

I eventually mustered up the courage and asked my mother for money as I decided to walk to ‘Alade’ market. We lived on a small Estate located off ‘Allen Avenue’ at the time. I’ll tell you about Allen Avenue another day. So that afternoon I took the money and walked at least 2 miles to the market and found the palm-oil stall and made my purchase. For those of you who are surprised, it is commonplace to see children in an open market, no one looked at me twice, and gbomo-gbomo, were not as active then. I bought the palm-oil in a one-litre plastic bottle and I made the trek back home. I recall my mother being displeased at my insolence upon my return. However, never in my life had I felt the elation that comes with proving others wrong.

When I think of a moment in my life that I stood up for myself and showed courage. I can remember vividly of that afternoon. It was a sunny day, it was hot and the walk to Alade market was longer that I had anticipated, but I was resolute; that giving up was not an option. As a result, of that, I will never when reminded of that day say; ‘only if I had?’

When last did someone say, you could not do something? When did they last tell that to your face? When last was your courage, and strength questioned? Take a leaf from the Damilola that lived over a decade ago, give it a shot, you may just make it! I’m taking a page out of her book in 2016. I refuse to allow their ‘You Can’t’ to become my ‘I can’t’.

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Until next time.