image credit: pintrest

image credit: pintrest

I ran into this website called PMS Package, yesterday. The company provides women with a monthly PMS package. The package tends to contain things like snacks, and comfy clothing. The aim is to make the PMS experience less severe. I laughed as I went to the site, yet I knew it was a genius idea, bound to produce a profit! Think about it, an antidote to all your PMS symptoms packed neatly in a pink box. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is common to many women and exists on a spectrum. Many women know when their period is around the corner and remain well prepared. They are able to control their cravings, desires, and emotions. Whilst some of us do not realise why we have been craving both Krispy Kreme donuts and ready salted crisps for days until a little red flag waves or our period app sends panic notifications. If you are unsure of what PMS symptoms looks like, I’ll give you a few tips so you have better insight.

  1. Salt and Sweet: salted caramel has never tasted so good. I often claim my favourite macaroons from Laduree are the salted caramel ones, I think that is for the occasion when ‘the red flag’ is round the corner.
  2. Bloating: Errm… What is that about? Jeans won’t fit. Bra won’t fit. Sometimes even a pair of heels won’t fit? Tell me, what is that about? #comfyclothes #hoodieandleggingsonly
  3. Emotions: Please do not take it personally if someone who loves you suddenly hates you. Don’t take it personal if she cries when you say the sky is blue. Or if someone who hates you is suddenly feeling you up. It’s probably PMS. I for one tend to stay at home and avoid accidentally making phone calls. You cannot make a mistake if you have no opportunity to do so. Ladies be wise.
  4. Pain: I was once told that period cramps were a sort of natural coaching in anticipation of future labour. However, I now know that is an enormous lie, back pain, tummy pain, joint pain, breast tenderness! Seriously! There is no such thing as preparation for labour cramps, period cramps are just unnecessary. If you know someone who has cramps, please buy her some anti-inflammatory tablets, a hot water bottle, say nothing and just give her a foot rub.
  5. Sleep: The line between oversleeping and insomnia is fragile. If she wants to sleep let her sleep, if she is agitated, make her a cup of herbal tea, and say nothing.

So if you know someone who suffers from PMS, do not complain ever. Be patient, attend to her needs and say nothing. Once you know her dates, you can get an app that’ll send you notifications when it is round the corner.

On a more serious note, PMDD ( Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) is an actual syndrome that can be debilitating for many women causing a significant amount of psychological distress needing medical intervention.

That’s it from Dami today! For all the ladies, have a good period! For all the men, be patient and help her have a stress free PMS episode!

Until next time!