Hello, ladies, I realise that the topic of today’s feature is a little ‘out there’ however, speaking about this issue is necessary, and I’ll tell you why. I recently had a conversation with a friend who informed me that due to her light periods she often would use one super tampon a day not changing until the morning after. According to her because sanitary items were expensive, periods annoying, and her flow was light this seemed like a reasonable option. However, when I told her about the risk of death (yes I said death; as in going to meet Baba God and Saint Peter) associated with her behaviour, she wanted to stop the use of tampons altogether. When I discovered the horrid tales related to tampon use I wanted to find out what we women were doing to our bodies as a result of the things we put up our vaginas. Here is what I found, I was educated, and I hope it helps you too;

1) Tampons
We will start with tampons as it was the cause for my inquiries in the first place. Death associated with tampons is very rare and is caused by Toxic Shock Syndrome(TSS). TSS is a condition that arises when certain bugs invade the body leading to severe infection; the rate of death associated with TSS is 5-15%, and it is fatal in 64% of cases. TSS is caused mainly by severely infected wounds. However, tampon use remains on the list of associated causes. TSS has been linked with tampon use in women, and the risk of developing TSS is virtually impossible if you use sanitary towels. Women who are at risk of TSS secondary to tampons are those who use tampons heavier than their flow requires especially super absorbent tampons. Why are tampons associated with such a deadly condition? No valid link has been identified, most of the association is based on presumption, but the link certainly exists. However, there has been a recent outcry due to the presence of pesticides and chemicals found in modern day tampons. Is there an alternative to tampons? Yes, organic tampons, sanitary towels, cloth sanitary towels, wearing tampons but changing regularly, and the diva cup.

2) The Diva Cup 
It was almost a decade ago when I heard that women were putting silicone cups into their vaginas, and I was baffled. However, the current consensus is that these are environmentally friendly and have no toxic chemicals related to their use. They reduce the cost of buying towels and tampons dramatically as well. However, just like all silicone things that you may put in your lady garden, please wash them thoroughly after every use and do not share. If blood makes you squeamish, this is not for you.
PS: some of us cannot look at a used sanitary towel so how will we pour blood from a cup and wash it after? Do you recall my letter to tampons here.

Image credit- divacup.com

Image credit- divacup.com

3) Penises
Yes, I went here. This is critical; I think we are all aware it is important, but often we ignore it, claiming God is in control. God is in control, but we have power too, do you recall my article on STI’s? Click here if you missed it, check it out here. Do not live in ignorance, get your self-checked and use a condom.

4) Soap
This is controversial; some claim they can use antibacterial soap to wash their vulva and be fine while others will use it and itch for seven days. What we do know is that the actual vagina is very sensitive to soap, so putting soap into your vagina can be dangerous and rather detrimental to your health. What are you supposed to use instead? Water only or vaginal washes to wash your vulva (the outer part). This is true, and this statement has been tried, tested and proven to be correct. Putting soap up your vagina will not improve the smell, however; trimming the hair, and changing your diet will do that. I don’t know about pineapple juice! Apparently, it works ( you understand me)

5) Yoni Eggs
Now I had to add this in here because its use is making headway throughout the globe and it puzzles me immensely. I have put a photo of Yoni eggs below so those of you who have never heard of them can see one.

Image credit - yonisteaminstitute.com

Image credit – yonisteaminstitute.com

Yoni eggs are made of crystals or semi-precious stones, and they go up there and are supposed to help with cleaning, vaginal weight lifting, training of the pelvic floor (which is important especially after child birth) and something about sexual stuff which sounds very complicated! Please if you are going to use one of these ensure they are real. Please to do not buy a fake one that gets lost up in there. Do not purchase a fake one made of glass that breaks up in there. Also again, please wash very well and do not share.

There we have it, things women commonly put up their vagina and the risks associated with them. Have you heard of any horror stories recently? Did you find this useful or were you already aware of this? Did I miss anything important out?

Over to you.Please leave a comment below and share your experiences with the class.

Until next time.
You know Dami loves to chat!

Figures on TSS obtained from patient.info

Image Credit – MadameNoire

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