For my first Dami loves Food post, I wanted to start with something healthy and super simple. I was keen for a recipe with virtually no calories, but not punishing on the taste buds. The only thing I could think of was blanched Kale. Let me be honest with you, I never wanted to join the Kale bandwagon, however, I was keen to try it before shaming it.

The first time I tried it was in the form of kale chips, I hated it and I doubt I’ll try them again. After my initial experience I went ahead with kale and apple smoothies and I loved it (recipe will follow soon). Kale is a great substitute for spinach and I have found myself using it all my pasta bake dishes. It has a lower water content compared to spinach, it’s rich antioxidants and fairly cheap, this makes it my go to leafy green vegetable.

Quick disclaimer; it has a fibrous texture and if you don’t like spending much time chewing, raw kale might put you off. This is why I like to blanch it when eating it alone.
Give it a try, you never know, you may find yourself making the spinach to kale transition as well.


100g curly Kale, washed thouroughly
blanch for 5 seconds
season with freshly ground black pepper