Solape is crying, she said her lover is gone
Solape is weeping she said he came and took it all
She said she’s leaving the land of the living
Solape said she’ll marry but never love again

Solape is crying, she asked her lover to return
Solape is saying they shared an eternal bond
Solape says her empty womb won’t let her sleep
She said she gave her heart for him to keep

Solape’s heart is broken, she said it was real love
The elders have concluded, it was never love at all
Solape said her lover made her feel things in very many ways
The elders said; ‘lust is a spirit, it is transferable always

Solace married Kunle he was a pious man
Her mind often left Kunle and dreamt she was in her lover’s arms
Solace kept wishing that her lover would return
Kunle kept asking; ‘My God, what have I done’

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