Do not forget that your mother was a tomato seller at Alade market
When your father was wasting his seed on Allen Avenue
She was investing in your future
She saw your future as her hope
It was the essence of her life’s work
When you reach your destination and you have arrived
Do not forget that you were built by hands that were burnt selling tomatoes in the sun

Do not forget your mother’s heart when your girl comes to you no hips, thin lips, demanding caviar and a trip to Aspen
Do not forget your mother’s prayers, fasting and crying while on bended knees

Do not forget the hot sun on her warm skin
When they come to you with a way out, the alluring and faster way. Do not forget that it was your mothers’ diligence that created you.

Do not forget her sadness and her loneliness
When your wife asks you what is on your mind and you tell her, it is private. Do not forget your lonely mother who freely let you find another home. Do not forget you are meant to create a home not a war zone.

When you stand at the right hand of power. Do not forget you must earn respect. Demanding respect is a sign of foolishness. Do not forget your mother was not rich, but she has wealth in places that matter.

When you are too busy and she does not understand. When her demands become a noose around your frail neck; be patient and remember, that when you’re old, you will not forget.

When you are unable to communicate. And your tongue has adopted another language. When barriers stand between your words and her heart. Do not forget your mother tongue; your mother will always remember.

Dear son of your mother, do not forget that your mother was a tomato seller in Alade market, suffering for you under the sun.


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