It was midnight and I was leaning against my car; Alas I was stranded!

I’d lost my car keys, with no spares close by and my phone battery was dead!
I thought to myself; “could today get any worse?”, then I realised that that it actually could have been worse.
Anyone who has watched an episode of CSI or criminal minds knows that a damsel in distress, stranded with car trouble in the middle of the night is an accurate recipe for disaster.

However, before my phone battery gave up the ghost. I was able to call a reputable breakdown service and ask for help.
I was informed ; “here at the ….. ( no names mentioned) we do not give advice; however, if you have a smart phone, you can search the Internet for a locksmith and see to see if they can be of help at this time”

Right? Ok, I think. A locksmith?
And lo and behold there were several numbers and email addresses of locksmiths near my location.
Apparently I wasn’t the first person in this situation.

Thank you Google.
After calling more than 10 auto locksmiths. Yes more than ten, i even called some up to four times! I found one who opened cars, worked 24 hours and was happy to travel all the way to meet meet at my location.

So there was I waiting, in the middle of an empty isolated car park, leaning against my car, the lights of a van start approaching me directly.
I start to curse.
Then I start to pray.

I hoped that it was in fact the locksmith; if not, I would definitely end up on the morning news. I imagined the headline; “Nigerian woman murdered by highway killer!”

It’s amazing the things we think about in such a short space of time. The human mind is capable of the most curious thoughts. I began to reminisce over things I wish I had done when I had the chance.
So my soliloquy began; ‘I wish I had gone skydiving with the girls last year; I wish I had gone to the beach with than Jamaican hottie (seriously you should have seen him); I wish I had eaten more chocolate. Actually scratch that, I wish I had drank more wine; I wish I had gone on that charity trip to Nicaragua; I wish I had worn trousers; Why on earth am I wearing a dress?
Oh! God please don’t let me get raped. God, please I don’t want to be killed!’

Then the wishes turned into a one way interrogation.
‘Why did you forget your keys? How stupid could you be! You know they’re right! This happened because you don’t pray hard enough? It was very irresponsible!
But really? Doesn’t everyone loose their keys?
I hope I don’t miss my flight in the morning! Why did I have to put my suitcase in the boot?’

But before I had a chance to disintegrate into an anxious mess, the van stopped and the driver identified himself as the locksmith.
Putting it mildly, I was relieved.
And so I was finally rescued, sorted and saved.
I managed to get into my car and make it to the airport for my flight later that morning. A flight that never actually reached its destination due to two emergency landings, and an overnight diversion in a Dublin hotel!
Here again I digress – but that is a story for another day.

It wasn’t the best couple of days.
Loosing my keys was the first domino in a string of events. Some due to my failure and many completely out of my control.
Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation?
Did you put yourself in it?
Was it due to someone else’s failure?
If yes, how did you get out of it?

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