Dear grandma,

I’d like to say a huge thank you for being a woman of substance, value and inestimable worth. Thank you for raising six children of your own, running a household, and running a school as well. Thank you for instilling values in your children that have been passed on to me and I hope to pass on to my children. Thank you for loving Jesus, and His word. For upholding family values, for recognising the role the working mother needs to play in order for society to be balanced.

Thank you for praying for me; have I ever told you that the sound of your voice fills me with joy? It touches a place within me that makes me young again. I feel like a child again when I hear your voice. I’m innocent again, whole again, running into your room to get jewellery and biscuits. To others it sounds like an odd combination, but that was how it was, my treats came in the form of biscuits and gold earrings. Thinking about those days now, I see in my minds eye, my cousins and I running around you and grandpa’s farm. Your retirement home where your grandchildren could roam free. Climbing guava trees, chasing after the pigs and chickens, eating whatever we wanted. That kitchen table is full of memories.

Grandma, when I think of a real woman, I think of you. When I think of women who run the world I think of you. Though your husband was a great man, you were great, you could stand your own. You did not need a man to define you, yet, you appreciated their role as men.

You serve your God, you fulfil your dreams, you raised your children, and those of others.
Thank you for calling me ‘Oluwadamilola’
Thank you, that because of you I can boldly say; I come from a legacy of great women.
I pray that I can give you an opportunity to hold your great grandchildren, so you can speak blessings into their lives.

mo dupe fun ibukun ti e ti dà lori mi

Image credit: huffing

Image credit: huffing

Dear Audrey Hepburn,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dami and I think you were an amazing human being. You were the embodiment of what it meant to be a woman; grace, class, intelligence, and sophistication. It is amazing how people recall you and mention your beauty and career only, but they forget the other things that made you so special. Your family, children and your charitable work.

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone” Audrey Hepburn

I first saw you in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, I confess I fell in love just a little. My brother knows how much I love you so much so, that he almost bought me a croissant when he gifted me with a little turquoise box filled with goodies from Tiffany’s. And then I saw you with Humphrey Bogart in ‘Sabrina’, and I was hooked! I’m not sure if it was you or Humphrey’s baritone, but that was it, I was a fan!

“Nothing is impossible the word itself says ‘I’m Possible” Audrey Hepburn

Your desire to help the weak and down trodden was evident by your outstanding work with UNICEF, Audrey, I’m sure your spirit lives on. Thank you for being you. For pulling down barriers, chasing your dream and being a mother in such a classy way!

Audrey you are my style icon!

Dami loves

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Dear Mr President,

I like how our people have coined you PMB, there is joy and laughter on the faces of many. People say that your posture brings hope and that you are a messenger from God. To be honest with you, prior to your inauguration, I was indifferent to you. I felt that although you had been successful in being president in the past, you seemed a bit too strict. Yet I know that the ‘War Against Indiscipline’ you initiated is needed even more ardently in todays Nigeria. (more…)

Dear Father,
I thank you for loving me, whole as I am, chipped as I am, broken as I am. I thank you because I know that you love me completely. I am thankful for your grace and mercy, without which I would not be able to speak to you so freely.
Thank you for knowing me truly, for seeing the deepest parts of me and loving me still.
I thank you for your perfect sacrifice that allows me to call you Father. Please forgive when me when my flesh fails, I want you to know that I do not take your grace for granted. (more…)