Naysayer- a person who habitually expresses negative or pessimistic views: Despite a general feeling that things were going well – urban dictionary[/caption]

There are many times in life when we find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Between pursuing our dreams and standing back in the shadows. Then there are those who come into our lives for the sole purpose of antagonising our dreams. Sometimes they do so out of jealousy. Other times, they do so out of fear. They are afraid that we may fail, that we may regret our decisions, that we are on the wrong path. However we must remember, that we were born alone, our vision was given to us alone, and those that take bold steps often do so alone. So here are five easy steps on how to deal with naysayers when you know what your purpose is.


Image Credit: Disney

Image Credit: Disney

Over the past year, I have realised that there are many things I thought I wanted that I truly have no desire for. There are many dreams I thought I had, some were never really mine, and some were mine but have evolved as I have grown older. Two days ago I had a bad day at work, nothing specific happened, but as I drove home, my spirit felt weary. I was convinced that making some chocolate cupcakes would brighten my day and make up for the dark cloud about to fall on my Tuesday. However that changed once I got into church for bible study. Once the study was over and I began to fellowship with other church members, I realised that I had in-fact not had a bad day, but my perspective of the day was altered. I had placed my focus on the wrong thing and had the wrong expectations. I had expected the day to conclude with no highlights, I wanted to go home curl up in bed and go sleep. Instead, the beauty of the day became the things I learnt and the fellowship I shared in two hours out of twenty-four. (more…)

Dear Illusion,

Do not assume that because I seem strong I am so
When cut I bleed red too
I have seen it, and blood is not cute
If you hate me, tell me, I’ll learn to deal
If you want me, tell me, I’ll take that too
Do not use me as predators do
Do not come here and trample on my heart
This life is a garden I have been tending to
I have nurtured it and protected it
The flower that blooms is the only one I have
Do not come to take it away
Do not thrill me and take me for a ride
Do not use me only to dispose of me like rags
If you do not need me and do not want me
Do not come close do not approach
I was fine before I stumbled upon you
I was alone, but never lonely
My secrets kept me company
My dreams kept me alive
Do not come here to take my life
Do not come here selling false hope
I was me before I met you
Please leave quickly if you intend to
So I can still be me when you are gone