Hello, friends, we are back with another installation of the ‘Virtuous Enterprise Series’. This month we have Olamiposi Odeyemi the CEO of ‘The Hunters Cocktails’. Hunters cocktails caters to events by providing signature cocktails with a customised twist. I was first made aware of Hunters when I saw photos from Arese Ugwu’s Manchester Event for her book ‘The Smart Money Woman’, and I was interested.  My chat with Olamiposi was so inspiring; she taught me about the importance of being present in the moment and committing all my plans to God in prayer. To let you in a little secret we bonded over our mutual love of ‘Turkey stew’ (Praise the Lord). I hope you enjoy her interview below, make sure you show her some love in the comment section below.  (more…)

Hello friends, I hope you’ve taken heed to the words of wisdom shared by Tola from last month’s interview. If you missed it, you could read it here. The Virtuous Enterprise Series, is based on Provers 31: 16 and aims to encourage you as you meet other Christian women who have conquered great heights in business. This month we have, Ifeyinwa Ojekwe CEO of Ajali homemade cosmetics who tells us how important it is to achieve balance on both the home front and in one’s career. Ifeyinwa won the Genevieve emerging beauty entrepreneur award last year and has conquered new heights ever since. You can visit the Ajali flagship store in Lekki Nigeria and treat your skin to luxurious handmade products while experiencing a moment of tranquillity at the spa. Now as we all know I am not a beauty expert, but I value self-care, and a good spa break, so you must be certain that I am elated to have Ifeyinwa on the blog today. I hope you enjoy her interview. I sure did.


Hello, friends! We are back with another episode of virtuous enterprise! I hope you enjoyed the last few instalments, if you missed them, you could read them here. This month, we have an internationally acclaimed hairstylist on the blog. Tola Olayanju has become a household name as the CEO and hair artist behind ‘Charis Hair‘. Many women and men would be familiar with the jaw-dropping styles she creates for brides and models alike, it is no wonder that her master classes are filling up fast from London to Lagos; Johannesburg to Harare. I implore you to read and savour this interview, Tola speaks with wisdom far above her age. She understands the value of Gods grace, the importance of womanhood done Gods way and obviously, she believes in the empowerment of women worldwide. I hope you enjoy her interview! I sure did. (more…)

Hello, friends!! We are back with a new instalment in the virtuous enterprise series. If you missed the last few interviews, feel free to read them here. I hope you took advantage of Tosin’s discount off items at zerefashionhouse. Now, let me tell you a little story of providence that explains how I managed to get Ruth Yimika Awogbade on the line up for the virtuous enterprise series.It is also evidence that only those who receive have asked and that the things you desire can come true if you prepare for all possible eventualities.

So when the series was still an infant lurking somewhere in my dreams, Ruth’s name was on the list. Ruth Yimika Awogbade is the CEO of Magnify magazine, a publication that prides itself on faith, feminism, and fashion. Damiloves lovers will know that I get excited when faith and feminism are combined. Ruth was recently listed as one of the 20 most influential black Christian women in the UK by Keep the Faith Magazine, she is also a board member of the Evangelical Alliance. I was certain that I wanted to interview her! I had read issues of Magnify, and I wanted to meet the beauty and brain behind the clean crisp yet loaded publication, that is the Christian woman’s fashion magazine of the century. How, did it happen you may ask?

In February I attended an event that was hosted by one of my mentors and her husband in London and while sat at a table chatting with several young women, guess who walked in? Yes! God did it! Ruth and her fiancée Ayo walked in and took a seat. Ayo, Ruth’s fiancé, was speaking at the event on being a purpose filled Christian single and I was excited because I had brought my business cards along with me!

I eventually walked up to Ruth full of fear and trepidation; I knew the worst thing she could say was no. But she said yes to my proposal and took my business card, and I left feeling glad, I had fulfilled purpose ! The way a prepared boy scout feels when he successfully lights a fire on a camping trip, with a spare box of matches.

In this month’s interview, Ruth encourages and challenges us to be diligent; she reminds us that dreams are not enough without hard work to back them up. I hope you enjoy Ruth’s interview on Damiloves; I know I certainly did. (more…)

I originally posted this poem a little over a year ago. A few days ago someone tagged me on Instagram sharing this and how much the words encouraged her. I was uplifted that my words could bring comfort to others and wanted to share it again. I hope you enjoy it; Emi Mimo is the term for Holy spirit in the Yoruba language.Don’t forget to share, comment, and subscribe.


You said you’d pray for me when no one else could.
Emi Mimo you said that when my heart was too heavy,
Each time my lips were too tired to speak,
My arms were weak from the tasks I took on too quick,
Emi Mimo you said it was ok, you understood all my needs.

I recently realised something about failure that I had never previously understood, and that was the part of acceptance. I have often been one to try to understand the reason behind the failing, or to dissect the episode thoroughly until I find the fault. However, I have been finding, that failure is a necessary part of life and growth. I recall about two years ago when I received some feedback that made me cry for days, I spoke to my brother about it; and he said to me; ‘So?’. He asked me why I thought the feedback was such a problem, and why I had allowed it to affect me so much that I wanted to hide in a corner and run away from my life. He doesn’t know it, but his attitude that day helped me to see things in a different light. (more…)

The above topic is a controversial subject, especially in African Christian circles. As soon as such a statement is uttered people bind and cast the devil and his agents. Aunties say things like ‘watch your mouth’, ‘you must marry by force’, ‘God forbid evil’, the chastisement continues and the utterer is silenced. However, the reason behind their statement is never addressed; nobody ever asks ‘why?’ and when they do, they never listen when an answer is given. (more…)

On my last day in Rome, I decided to go shopping as I had a long list. I checked out of my hotel and booked my taxi to the airport. I then planned my journey to a local shopping mall as I was convinced I would avoid exorbitant tourist prices by shopping there. I took a cab and travelled 30 minutes to what was supposed to be Romes largest mall; Euroma 2. The taxi driver dropped me, waved goodbye and I walked in. Upon arrival at the doors, the security guard said they were closed! How was that even possible? I checked online! I checked their site! I checked Google! And he stated that they were closed! I asked for help to get a taxi! He said he didn’t use cabs! I was perplexed! My silly uber app wasn’t working, and I was stuck in the middle of a Roman highway! I don’t speak any Italiano! (more…)

When I read Paul Kalanithi’s book on dying, I wept profusely. You can read my book review here. However upon further reflection, I can reconsider my views on the entire subject. Kalanithi was a neurosurgeon who died from terminal lung cancer. He never had a chance to complete his bestselling book ‘when breath becomes air’. As he was dying, he wrote about the things he learned from cancer. How suffering changed his world view, made him a better physician and healed his marriage. There was something to be learnt from his cancer; perhaps that is because he was suffering in North America, not sub-Saharan Africa. Suffering is suffering, and pain is pain, but crying when your stomach is empty is different from crying after you’ve been fed. (more…)

My relationship with happiness has taken a turn in recent times. I have always been aware that happiness is based on happenings.  However, joy is infinitely more stable. Joy is related to understanding our place in the Kingdom and understanding our purpose. While happiness is found in the day to day things, it is the feeling that helps us keep moving on the journey of life. Joy is in knowing the storm will end, but I am learning that happiness can be found in locating the beauty within the storm. Happiness is tasting the raindrops, it is dancing in the rain, it is watching the ripples and puddles, it is listening to melodious music in the crashing waves. It can also be seeing beauty in the mundane things, it is about perspective. Happiness is a choice to be made on a daily basis. You can choose to be happy!


There is a well known parable of the pious monk who served God and did all that he could to live righteously. The devil wanted to make him fall, so he sent the following demons his way; lust, anger, malice, lies, greed, alcohol and gambling, yet he stood firm. The demons then returned to the devil to report that they had failed, they were convicted he was too righteous a man to fall for their tricks. Then the devil taught them his own trick, he called out the monks ‘own demon‘, he told him to inform the monk that his brother had become wealthy and was no longer living a life of poverty. Immediately, the monk heard this news, his heart grew bitter and his sin was evident. His demon? Envy. The devil knew exactly how to trip him up, the demon that would be able to bring the monk down was specific. What is your demon? Do you know it’s name? (more…)

I have read the ‘book of Job’ several times in my life. It has been my go to book during trying times. When times seem hard and difficulties abound, I reach for Job. I study his life, his friends, his wife and his victory. Yet in all the years that I have reached for Job, I only came across this verse of scripture this week.

“And the LORD restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.” Job‬ ‭42:10‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Job had been afflicted by the devil, he had lost everything. He lost his children, his wealth and his relationships were in disarray. His wife became the mouthpiece of the enemy as she encouraged him to ‘curse God and die‘. His friends became the thorn in his side as they accused him in his trying times instead of lifting him up. Instead of providing him with support, they brought condemnation. Job’s friends intensified and prolonged his suffering, and yet, he was not delivered from the clutches of the devil until he prayed for them. (more…)

Thank you to those of you who have supported this blog over the past few months. When I released my welcome post, I did not forsee this milestone. I did not think I would have reached it so soon either. This blog was birthed in a moment of courage after years of fear, a step of faith made against the anxiety fear had always managed to stimulate. Let me tell you something about my most recent journey with fear.

I recently made a visit to Nirvana Spa in Reading. One of the attractions at the spa is the celestial flotation pool. Benefits of this pool include healing, relaxation and tranquility. Due to the high concentration of salts in the water, all persons once relaxed are able to float with no effort whatsoever. You enter in, relax and float. However, I did not float; instead I came close to death and experienced the fear that comes when drowning is imminent. I needed to be rescued by staff.

Due to my experience other members of the party were weary, and I was disheartened. The option to try again was present, yet fear filled my heart. Fear of the unknown, fear of drowning, fear of my inability to relax and let go. The therapist said to me over and over again, “relax, let go, the water and salts will lift you.” Yet there I was hindered and unable to relish in what was supposed to be an unforgettable experience. (more…)

Image credit; Instagram

Image credit; Instagram

Today’s post is going to be rather short. But I felt the need to write it after seeing the photo above. The moment I saw it, I paused, gave thanks and attempted to continue scrolling through my Instagram timeline. However, something within me did not permit me to do so. Instead, I began to reflect and as I did that, I realised that God’s faithfulness knows no bounds. I realised that though I may have my daily struggles and concerns, they could be much worse. I realised that protection may have come in the form of unanswered prayers. I realised that God must have ensured I never needed lifting up from certain troubles, by ensuring I never fell in the first place. I realised that God has protected me from costly soul ties, buy keeping my heart hidden in Him all my life. I realised that though at times I am not certain on what I desire, God has always made sure I know what will be detrimental to my existence.

I realised that though I feel I’m still on the journey to my breakthrough, God has protected me from so many ‘beenthrough’s’. When I reflected on the image above, I could not help but cry and give thanks to God for His faithfulness. I realised that I often thank God for the things I know He has done, but not for the silent miracles. The daily benefits He loads me with, whilst I am asleep and ignorant.

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So I want to encourage you today, to say thank you to God for the blessings you have no clue about. The suffering you have been protected from, for the grace that you never needed to cry out for. Count the blessing in never having to ask for a blessing. Be grateful for His faithfulness, the faithfulness that you never got a chance to see.

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Please join in praise with Lara George;

Until next time. Dami loves giving thanks.

This story began a few months ago, I needed to apply for a new job, and I did just that. I got my first choice job, yet everyone I told about this congratulated me with a whimsical glance. You see, I chose a job an hour away from where I used to live, an hour away from my church, an hour away from my geographically closest friends, and several hours away from family. This time last year I had no intention of working in this town, it wasn’t even on my radar. I was going to move to the city, be nearer to my church, friends, good food, and live in a nicer apartment. There were hundreds of jobs that would have kept me close to them, but I chose this one. (more…)