Musically motivated Monday’s? Because Monday’s are better when music is playing!
Wake up today and choose happiness
Go to sleep wishing to have good dreams
Determine in your heart that you will be happy
Create a melody in your head
Hum a sweet tune in your heart
look within yourself for joy
if you don’t find it there, look at nature
in every sunrise there is glory
in every sunset there is love
Happiness is a way of life
Happiness is a life choice (more…)

Musically motivated Monday’s? Because Mondays are better when music is playing

I told you before that you’re not dead
I mentioned this feeling would not last forever
The heart within you still beats and pounds
Your lungs still yearn for fresh air
You are stronger for going through your struggles
Your pain does not limit you, instead it empowers you
You are not weaker, but stronger.
Revel in the strength you possess (more…)

Musically motivated Monday’s? Because Monday’s are better when music is playing!

in the everyday things, see the good
is the cup half empty? It’s also half full
has today been bad? tomorrow is near
is the sun too hot? the moon will come
is the shoe tight? you have one to wear
is there pain in your heart? turn it into art
it the crown to heavy? you have the head that wears it
do your eyes cry? you have eyes that see
does your heart break? you have one that loves
there are two sides to every story,
see the good part, and revel in it



Musically Motivated Monday’s? Because Monday’s are not so bad when music is playing!

There are millions of everything on earth
there are at least a thousand gods served
there are a hundred ways to love a person
and the same number of ways to hate.

Of the limited things that matter
and the infinite things that don’t
you should learn to love yourself better
and simply cut of those that don’t
remember of the millions of things on the earth
there is and will always be just one of you. (more…)

When last did you let out a ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?’
when last did you throw your hands in the air and say ‘Hakuna Matata’

Remember, life is not about destinations, it is about journeys
Milestones are only steps on the road of life

When you are bewildered and confused
it is still okay to say ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’

Do not push yourself when you reach a wall
It is okay to sit down to re-cuperate

When you feel overwhelmed and distraught
‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ is you saying “I need a minute”

Do not be so burdened in your reality
that your forget you can still sing a silly song

Have a musically motivated Monday and sing a silly song

Because Monday’s are not so bad when music is playing!!

There is something about music
it has an ability to tell a story
a tale is conveyed so splendidly

with or without lyrics
music remains music; it is simple
and needs no embellishment to be beautiful

You are like music; you are that story
your life is a tale, it is just beginning
enjoy it and watch the story unfold


Because Monday’s are not so bad when music is playing!!

I hope you dance

Life is stressful! It can be challenging and disappointing! Many times, life does not turn out the way we hope.

Life can be wicked and brutal. But still, I hope you dance.

When there is a glimmer of hope, I hope you rejoice.
When things work out, I hope you give thanks
When you have been favoured, I hope you remember.

I hope you actively try to see the good in life
I hope you search for the rainbow at the end of the storm
I hope you see the full part of a half empty glass
I hope you indulge in that last slice of cake
I hope you go away with the one that makes your heart skip a beat
I hope you follow your heart and pursue your dreams
I hope you do not allow yourself to be weighed down by the fears of others

I hope you dance
When your song is played, I hope you dance
As you remember that after the storm, there is always a rainbow, you just need to be in the right place to see it.

Have a musically motivated Monday. And remember, when your song plays today, I hope you dance!

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You are unique!
You are special! Do not allow the world tell you otherwise!
Do not look in the mirror and wish you looked different.
Do not change your heart to suit the expectations of the world.

Do not stifle your voice because they do not like your words.
You were created for a reason.
Look in the mirror and figure out for yourself who you are.
Do not attempt to please the world.
Their adulation lasts only for a moment.

Go for it! Take that leap of faith.
The world will abuse you. They will criticise you.
The world will not see beauty in your mess.
They will not see all your dreams as golden.

Go ahead, be brave, go it alone.
Alone is not so bad.
You have a host of angels behind you.


Video credit: youtube

Have a musically motivated Monday! Remember, be yourself because everyone else is already taken. Until next time xx

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