I originally posted this poem a little over a year ago. A few days ago someone tagged me on Instagram sharing this and how much the words encouraged her. I was uplifted that my words could bring comfort to others and wanted to share it again. I hope you enjoy it; Emi Mimo is the term for Holy spirit in the Yoruba language.Don’t forget to share, comment, and subscribe.


You said you’d pray for me when no one else could.
Emi Mimo you said that when my heart was too heavy,
Each time my lips were too tired to speak,
My arms were weak from the tasks I took on too quick,
Emi Mimo you said it was ok, you understood all my needs.

There is a well known parable of the pious monk who served God and did all that he could to live righteously. The devil wanted to make him fall, so he sent the following demons his way; lust, anger, malice, lies, greed, alcohol and gambling, yet he stood firm. The demons then returned to the devil to report that they had failed, they were convicted he was too righteous a man to fall for their tricks. Then the devil taught them his own trick, he called out the monks ‘own demon‘, he told him to inform the monk that his brother had become wealthy and was no longer living a life of poverty. Immediately, the monk heard this news, his heart grew bitter and his sin was evident. His demon? Envy. The devil knew exactly how to trip him up, the demon that would be able to bring the monk down was specific. What is your demon? Do you know it’s name? (more…)

I have read the ‘book of Job’ several times in my life. It has been my go to book during trying times. When times seem hard and difficulties abound, I reach for Job. I study his life, his friends, his wife and his victory. Yet in all the years that I have reached for Job, I only came across this verse of scripture this week.

“And the LORD restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends. Indeed the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.” Job‬ ‭42:10‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Job had been afflicted by the devil, he had lost everything. He lost his children, his wealth and his relationships were in disarray. His wife became the mouthpiece of the enemy as she encouraged him to ‘curse God and die‘. His friends became the thorn in his side as they accused him in his trying times instead of lifting him up. Instead of providing him with support, they brought condemnation. Job’s friends intensified and prolonged his suffering, and yet, he was not delivered from the clutches of the devil until he prayed for them. (more…)

Image credit; Instagram

Image credit; Instagram

Today’s post is going to be rather short. But I felt the need to write it after seeing the photo above. The moment I saw it, I paused, gave thanks and attempted to continue scrolling through my Instagram timeline. However, something within me did not permit me to do so. Instead, I began to reflect and as I did that, I realised that God’s faithfulness knows no bounds. I realised that though I may have my daily struggles and concerns, they could be much worse. I realised that protection may have come in the form of unanswered prayers. I realised that God must have ensured I never needed lifting up from certain troubles, by ensuring I never fell in the first place. I realised that God has protected me from costly soul ties, buy keeping my heart hidden in Him all my life. I realised that though at times I am not certain on what I desire, God has always made sure I know what will be detrimental to my existence.

I realised that though I feel I’m still on the journey to my breakthrough, God has protected me from so many ‘beenthrough’s’. When I reflected on the image above, I could not help but cry and give thanks to God for His faithfulness. I realised that I often thank God for the things I know He has done, but not for the silent miracles. The daily benefits He loads me with, whilst I am asleep and ignorant.

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So I want to encourage you today, to say thank you to God for the blessings you have no clue about. The suffering you have been protected from, for the grace that you never needed to cry out for. Count the blessing in never having to ask for a blessing. Be grateful for His faithfulness, the faithfulness that you never got a chance to see.

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Until next time. Dami loves giving thanks.