Hello, Folks! Welcome to another installment of the VE Interview Series. This month we have Ope Davies, Youtuber extraordinaire. We are confident that you have seen her infectious smile alongside her husband Ayo on their highly acclaimed YouTube channel. If you have not heard of them before, please inform the class the rock under which you have been hiding, no worries today, you will be enlightened. Ope and Ayo Davies have blown viewers away by their down to earth charisma and their openness in addressing common marital issues. Her relationship with her mother-in-law (the Queen of the boys) is coveted by many and his wedding song written just for her is still on the lips and hearts of romantics worldwide, you can download the song here. It is no wonder that we were super excited when a damiloves reader recommended her to us and she agreed to join our line up. Our conversation with Ope was packed with wisdom and we certainly want her to visit again.


Hello friends, I hope you’ve taken heed to the words of wisdom shared by Tola from last month’s interview. If you missed it, you could read it here. The Virtuous Enterprise Series, is based on Provers 31: 16 and aims to encourage you as you meet other Christian women who have conquered great heights in business. This month we have, Ifeyinwa Ojekwe CEO of Ajali homemade cosmetics who tells us how important it is to achieve balance on both the home front and in one’s career. Ifeyinwa won the Genevieve emerging beauty entrepreneur award last year and has conquered new heights ever since. You can visit the Ajali flagship store in Lekki Nigeria and treat your skin to luxurious handmade products while experiencing a moment of tranquillity at the spa. Now as we all know I am not a beauty expert, but I value self-care, and a good spa break, so you must be certain that I am elated to have Ifeyinwa on the blog today. I hope you enjoy her interview. I sure did.


Hello, friends! I am back with another instalment in the ‘Virtuous Enterprise Series’. This month I interviewed Tosin Oladimeji (nee Obalade). Tosin is the CEO of zerefashionhouse, the online home for all things African fashion. Tosin is a qualified pharmacist, who currently runs Zere alongside her husband. She is the first married woman we have interviewed in the series, and it is great to hear how she speaks about managing her home, relationships, career and business. PS: She is giving all damiloves readers a 10% discount off items from her international fashion store, but you can’t get the code till you get to the end, I hope you enjoy her interview.


When Tobi Oredein founder and CEO of Black ballad’ responded to my email, I knew God was certainly in my favour. She responded positively with such kindness that I was taken aback. You see Tobi is the founder of what is soon becoming the UK’s leading lifestyle destination for black British women. (more…)

Hello friends, yes, I am posting on a Monday, it is a way to welcome you into the new year. I was recently studying the proverbs 31 woman and verse 16 jumped out to me so loudly.  Christians often focus on the housekeeping and character qualities that makes the proverbs 31 woman great, but we miss out on the fact that she was also a business woman, and an entrepreneur.

Verse 16 of proverbs 31 clearly states that she considered the benefits of going into business and made wise choices. When I read that I realised that she was a woman who was brave and unafraid of her dreams. Reading and reflecting on that verse gave me pause. I thought to myself, what will happen if we women were bold and unafraid? What happens if we boldly face the future without fear and trepidation, it was in that place of reflection that I was inspired to encourage you all, by launching this new series.

So here are the details
1.What is it called? The series is called ‘Virtuous Enterprise’.
2.Who is involved? I will interview Christian business women .
3.What is the aim? The aim is to encourage us all that our dreams as women are valid and God is in favor of our capacity for excellence.
4.When will it be? The last Friday of every month here on damiloves.com

5.What do you need to do? Just tune in, comment, share, and subscribe.

Is there someone you think will be great in the series, let me know in the comment box, or drop me an email @ Damilola@damiloves.com

See you on Friday xx