Hello friends, I hope you’ve taken heed to the words of wisdom shared by Tola from last month’s interview. If you missed it, you could read it here. The Virtuous Enterprise Series, is based on Provers 31: 16 and aims to encourage you as you meet other Christian women who have conquered great heights in business. This month we have, Ifeyinwa Ojekwe CEO of Ajali homemade cosmetics who tells us how important it is to achieve balance on both the home front and in one’s career. Ifeyinwa won the Genevieve emerging beauty entrepreneur award last year and has conquered new heights ever since. You can visit the Ajali flagship store in Lekki Nigeria and treat your skin to luxurious handmade products while experiencing a moment of tranquillity at the spa. Now as we all know I am not a beauty expert, but I value self-care, and a good spa break, so you must be certain that I am elated to have Ifeyinwa on the blog today. I hope you enjoy her interview. I sure did.


Hello, friends! We are back with another episode of virtuous enterprise! I hope you enjoyed the last few instalments, if you missed them, you could read them here. This month, we have an internationally acclaimed hairstylist on the blog. Tola Olayanju has become a household name as the CEO and hair artist behind ‘Charis Hair‘. Many women and men would be familiar with the jaw-dropping styles she creates for brides and models alike, it is no wonder that her master classes are filling up fast from London to Lagos; Johannesburg to Harare. I implore you to read and savour this interview, Tola speaks with wisdom far above her age. She understands the value of Gods grace, the importance of womanhood done Gods way and obviously, she believes in the empowerment of women worldwide. I hope you enjoy her interview! I sure did. (more…)

Hello, friends!! We are back with a new instalment in the virtuous enterprise series. If you missed the last few interviews, feel free to read them here. I hope you took advantage of Tosin’s discount off items at zerefashionhouse. Now, let me tell you a little story of providence that explains how I managed to get Ruth Yimika Awogbade on the line up for the virtuous enterprise series.It is also evidence that only those who receive have asked and that the things you desire can come true if you prepare for all possible eventualities.

So when the series was still an infant lurking somewhere in my dreams, Ruth’s name was on the list. Ruth Yimika Awogbade is the CEO of Magnify magazine, a publication that prides itself on faith, feminism, and fashion. Damiloves lovers will know that I get excited when faith and feminism are combined. Ruth was recently listed as one of the 20 most influential black Christian women in the UK by Keep the Faith Magazine, she is also a board member of the Evangelical Alliance. I was certain that I wanted to interview her! I had read issues of Magnify, and I wanted to meet the beauty and brain behind the clean crisp yet loaded publication, that is the Christian woman’s fashion magazine of the century. How, did it happen you may ask?

In February I attended an event that was hosted by one of my mentors and her husband in London and while sat at a table chatting with several young women, guess who walked in? Yes! God did it! Ruth and her fiancée Ayo walked in and took a seat. Ayo, Ruth’s fiancé, was speaking at the event on being a purpose filled Christian single and I was excited because I had brought my business cards along with me!

I eventually walked up to Ruth full of fear and trepidation; I knew the worst thing she could say was no. But she said yes to my proposal and took my business card, and I left feeling glad, I had fulfilled purpose ! The way a prepared boy scout feels when he successfully lights a fire on a camping trip, with a spare box of matches.

In this month’s interview, Ruth encourages and challenges us to be diligent; she reminds us that dreams are not enough without hard work to back them up. I hope you enjoy Ruth’s interview on Damiloves; I know I certainly did. (more…)

Hello everyone, I am back with the next instalment in our ‘Virtuous Enterprise series’, if you missed the last one, you could read it here! So Chisom was nominated by someone who follows me on Instagram, and I did some investigating. Chisom is the ELOY Award nominated makeup artist behind ‘beautified’, her youthful exuberance is seen on her Instagram page, and her warmth is felt in her youtube videos. You would not believe the energy and warmth that flew off her email when she replied to my invitation to partake in our series. There was such a wide grin on my face as she wrote back saying she was happy to share her story because she knew Gods’ hand was in it right from the beginning. When we finally had the interview, I was just so amazed and in awe of the things she said and the way she spoke. She spoke with such confidence as a child of God, humbled by His grace in her life and hopeful for the things He was yet to do. Speaking to Chisom encouraged me to obey God with immediate alacrity, to envision myself living my dreams before they are a reality, and to become the wife I want to be today. I know you did not come to read me keep speaking, so I’ll let you read the interview now. Be blessed and encouraged by what you read, share, subscribe and leave a comment. xx

I am back again with some personal hygiene tips that I feel are necessary to re-iterate though you may have heard them before. If you haven’t, try to consider them and apply them to your daily routine. It is important to do certain things right that’ll pay off in the long run, as we know, the easy way is not always the best way. Remember, your habit becomes your lifestyle so pick good habits. (more…)

Hello friends, yes, I am posting on a Monday, it is a way to welcome you into the new year. I was recently studying the proverbs 31 woman and verse 16 jumped out to me so loudly.  Christians often focus on the housekeeping and character qualities that makes the proverbs 31 woman great, but we miss out on the fact that she was also a business woman, and an entrepreneur.

Verse 16 of proverbs 31 clearly states that she considered the benefits of going into business and made wise choices. When I read that I realised that she was a woman who was brave and unafraid of her dreams. Reading and reflecting on that verse gave me pause. I thought to myself, what will happen if we women were bold and unafraid? What happens if we boldly face the future without fear and trepidation, it was in that place of reflection that I was inspired to encourage you all, by launching this new series.

So here are the details
1.What is it called? The series is called ‘Virtuous Enterprise’.
2.Who is involved? I will interview Christian business women .
3.What is the aim? The aim is to encourage us all that our dreams as women are valid and God is in favor of our capacity for excellence.
4.When will it be? The last Friday of every month here on damiloves.com

5.What do you need to do? Just tune in, comment, share, and subscribe.

Is there someone you think will be great in the series, let me know in the comment box, or drop me an email @ Damilola@damiloves.com

See you on Friday xx

I recently heard a well educated Nigerian woman discuss her circumcision on TV. She explained that she was circumcised on the seventh day of her birth the same way the male children were. Upon further enquiry, she explained that circumcision was emphatically not the same thing as female genital mutilation. I was not sure about her explanations, and decided to do some research on the subject, here is what I found. (more…)

I recently found myself engaging in an argument with someone who I thought was wise but proved not to be. She explained to me that women were often the instigators of rape based on their attitudes and their dressing. When I asked her why women in the middle east who wore burkas could be raped, she said they lured men with their walk and eyes. I proceeded to roll my eyes, kiss my teeth, walk away like a duck and suggest she stick it to herself. (more…)

I recently came across a quote from a Christian woman and author who had this to say about the feminist movement. Dr Kirsten Birkett said; “Feminism is a selfish movement with no sustainable philosophy, a fabricated history, and an incoherent morality. It does not bring freedom and fulfilment for women, and it will not right injustices. Many of us in this world rightly feel anger and sorrow at the terrible lives women all over the world can face; poverty and starvation in some places, violence and abuse almost everywhere. The answer is not to become more selfish. That can only make injustice worse.” (more…)

President Buhari, of Nigeria, recently said his wife belonged to the kitchen, the living room and the ‘other room’ after she criticised his political decisions openly. When this occured, some women were livid, while others supported his claims. Several men came out to say he was correct, while others claimed he was wrong. I was tempted to ask the men in my life, where they felt their wives belonged; the other room, the kitchen, or the boardroom. Apparently, most people have accepted that the ‘other room‘ was a reference to the bedroom stating wise women have mastered the skills of manipulation in there. (more…)

Hello, ladies, I realise that the topic of today’s feature is a little ‘out there’ however, speaking about this issue is necessary, and I’ll tell you why. I recently had a conversation with a friend who informed me that due to her light periods she often would use one super tampon a day not changing until the morning after. According to her because sanitary items were expensive, periods annoying, and her flow was light this seemed like a reasonable option. However, when I told her about the risk of death (yes I said death; as in going to meet Baba God and Saint Peter) (more…)

I recently found myself having to defend women to a group of men who thought feminism was women whining unnecessarily. I attempted to bring the cause of feminism to the grassroots. I attempted to make them consider the case of the girl child in the developing world. I tried to help them understand that when young girls are uneducated, forced into child marriage and oppressed; feminism was the voice they needed. I was ridiculed as another feminist, ‘anti-men’, ‘a wannabe man’, ‘having penis envy’; and it hit me, I did not care. (more…)

I know he loves you. I know that is what he said, I know he claimed he would give the world to you. I know that is what you felt. I know your mother took it too, abuse in another form. I know they said men are cruel, I know you listened when the elders whispered. I know your skin is not made of wood, I know your bones are not made of steel. I know your heart is a soft haven, it was never made of stone. I know you want to be strong, I know you want to make it work. But I also know that dying before your time is not and will never be a sign of strength. (more…)

Sharing is how we feel connected. It is how we know that we are not alone in this big scary world. Sharing our stories is our way of testifying, and that is how we overcome adversity. It provides someone else comfort in their storm. I recently read Frances Okoro write about her abortions and the backlash she received from her family as a result. It caused me to ponder on the two-edged sword that comes with sharing and how it affects women in particular. (more…)

Recently, the Youtube sensation Adanna-David posted a photo of herself breastfeeding on Instagram. She wrote a caption chastising people who gave her an evil stare in an attempt to rebuke her actions; as with such public statements, some praised her while others disagreed with her sentiments. I recall sitting at the airport in Calabar (Nigeria) a few years ago as I observed a young mother was sat in the boarding area attempting to feed her baby. She had draped herself in an Ankara sheet as a show of modesty. As she struggled with a baby who did not enjoy the sheet, an elderly woman walked up to her and pulled the sheet off. (more…)

Do not forget that your mother was a tomato seller at Alade market
When your father was wasting his seed on Allen Avenue
She was investing in your future
She saw your future as her hope
It was the essence of her life’s work
When you reach your destination and you have arrived
Do not forget that you were built by hands that were burnt selling tomatoes in the sun (more…)

I recently found a card written to me by one of my friends, the note was at least three years old. She wrote simply about the importance of our friendship and how it played a comforting role in her life. It reminded me of the beauty of sisterhood, and the importance of having women supporting each other. Upon reflection on her words, I realised that I was better for having female friends. There is something remarkable about sisterhood. When I say sisterhood, I refer to all the women in your life; mothers, sisters, friends, cousins, mentors. Every woman leaves an indelible mark on the life and heart of other women she encounters. There is something to be shared and valued in the bond of sisterhood. When sisterhood is done right, we can find safety, security and friendship. I remember a woman once saying to me that she was friends with men only as women had the predisposition to be malevolent. I saw the truth in her words, but I also saw a woman who did not have support. (more…)

When I was confronted with the option of freezing my eggs for future use, I laughed at the idea and ignored it to be  an extreme option. I was convinced that only ‘older women’ needed that option in dire circumstances. However, I was then challenged by the statement; ‘why wait for dire circumstances before you become proactive?’. I did not have a smart retort. (more…)

Domestic abuse is a world wide phenomenon. Both men and women suffer, though more light is shed upon the abuse of women because they are the most susceptible victims. It is interesting that the average human being does not believe abuse is right, yet when faced with the situation many of us respond in an unexpected way. I was 12 and he was 12, we were in boarding school and I promise you, I did not see the slap coming. I wasn’t dazed, I just wanted to fight back, but I didn’t have that opportunity. Over the years, many people have said that it is forgivable for a 2 year old as he doesn’t know better, but a 12 year old should have. But what about a 30 year old.