Hello everyone, I am back with the next instalment in our ‘Virtuous Enterprise series’, if you missed the last one, you could read it here! So Chisom was nominated by someone who follows me on Instagram, and I did some investigating. Chisom is the ELOY Award nominated makeup artist behind ‘beautified’, her youthful exuberance is seen on her Instagram page, and her warmth is felt in her youtube videos. You would not believe the energy and warmth that flew off her email when she replied to my invitation to partake in our series. There was such a wide grin on my face as she wrote back saying she was happy to share her story because she knew Gods’ hand was in it right from the beginning. When we finally had the interview, I was just so amazed and in awe of the things she said and the way she spoke. She spoke with such confidence as a child of God, humbled by His grace in her life and hopeful for the things He was yet to do. Speaking to Chisom encouraged me to obey God with immediate alacrity, to envision myself living my dreams before they are a reality, and to become the wife I want to be today. I know you did not come to read me keep speaking, so I’ll let you read the interview now. Be blessed and encouraged by what you read, share, subscribe and leave a comment. xx

I am back again with some personal hygiene tips that I feel are necessary to re-iterate though you may have heard them before. If you haven’t, try to consider them and apply them to your daily routine. It is important to do certain things right that’ll pay off in the long run, as we know, the easy way is not always the best way. Remember, your habit becomes your lifestyle so pick good habits. (more…)

Hello friends, yes, I am posting on a Monday, it is a way to welcome you into the new year. I was recently studying the proverbs 31 woman and verse 16 jumped out to me so loudly.  Christians often focus on the housekeeping and character qualities that makes the proverbs 31 woman great, but we miss out on the fact that she was also a business woman, and an entrepreneur.

Verse 16 of proverbs 31 clearly states that she considered the benefits of going into business and made wise choices. When I read that I realised that she was a woman who was brave and unafraid of her dreams. Reading and reflecting on that verse gave me pause. I thought to myself, what will happen if we women were bold and unafraid? What happens if we boldly face the future without fear and trepidation, it was in that place of reflection that I was inspired to encourage you all, by launching this new series.

So here are the details
1.What is it called? The series is called ‘Virtuous Enterprise’.
2.Who is involved? I will interview Christian business women .
3.What is the aim? The aim is to encourage us all that our dreams as women are valid and God is in favor of our capacity for excellence.
4.When will it be? The last Friday of every month here on damiloves.com

5.What do you need to do? Just tune in, comment, share, and subscribe.

Is there someone you think will be great in the series, let me know in the comment box, or drop me an email @ Damilola@damiloves.com

See you on Friday xx