Dear Tampons,

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Why are you so loud? I have to be honest with you I don’t like the way you sound. Each time I visit the loo to unravel you, dear pad or tampon, I listen for the presence of others the room. I often have to ensure that no one else is present so they are not aware of the fact that it’s that time of the month. I acknowledge the fact these products need to be kept safe and sterile, but I don’t need to announce their use to the world, do I?

I thank you for the way you have evolved over the centuries, I’m glad I don’t need to use a pair of socks, sanitary belts or left over pieces of cloth. Yet, the 21st century has its own set of troubles.

Please do not tell me that you invented Moon cup’s to handle this problem and regular daily changes. I am not ready to climb onto that bandwagon just yet, perhaps the thought frightens me, perhaps I’m just being silly!

Anyhow, this was just a quick note telling to you consider changing your packaging material to something a bit more discreet. That way, we ladies don’t have any added burdens to the bloating, cramps and mood swings.

Whatever, I guess this counts as ‘first world troubles’.

In expectation
Dami Loves