Before this new week starts, I just wanted to share a few things I’ve been thankful for in the last week. Some of them may see trivial to you but I am learning to see Gods hand in every minute detail of my life!

Thankful List
1) My iPhone fell and got damaged so badly this week, right at the same time I was due a free upgrade
2) Randoms identified themselves as Randoms
3) Great fellowship
4) I walked 8-10 miles in a bushy park without major hay fever ( major Thanks for this one)
5) Found a perfect dress for an upcoming event (1/4th the price of my original choice)
6) Paid a deposit for my new apartment
7) Got matched to a new foundation that I absolutely love
8) YAY!! I get to celebrate my cousins graduation in **** ( I’ll tell you when I get back)
9) I found ‘Cake Box’, and that’s enough said
10) Momentum and inspiration to keep up the 30 Day Open Letter Challenge