I found myself in a financial bind this year as a result of poor planning. Too many major bills were due and too little pay check was left. I found myself reaching out to mummy and daddy for a rapid rescue. But before reaching out I had to go via my baby brother (yes, times were hard). It’s funny that as I went through that bind, I realized that I had never had to face such a squeeze when I was a student. I never came close to this in my working life either, until that moment.

“Mummy, I’m broke”; was what I wanted to say, but broke did not quite explain the catastrophe of a situation that I was in. It seemed this experience served to remind me that I have not quite left the nest. Thank God for parents. For parents who can bail me out. And for parents who will bail me out. It’s funny how so many times in life, our perception of our reality is grossly altered by our expectations of it. Many times we do not look at the facts, instead we focus on our hopes and dreams. Looking ahead to the bright future may be a great idea, but denying the truth can be detrimental.

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Before the bail out was needed, I knew what was coming. I had written out my budget as I always do. I had summed up the numbers and cut cost as best I could, but November is a month of bills. I know this, I have always known this, yet I said to myself; ‘if I cut this here and squeeze this there, I’ll make it through’. Well, that didn’t happen. So here we are past the bail out of 2015! Thanks mum, dad and bro! Wouldn’t have made it without you! 😅 Daddy said; “God will bless you with a financially responsible husband”, I said Amen.

The End