The Mind Makes the Body" black art print by Lionel Talaro

The Mind Makes the Body” black art print by Lionel Talaro

Someone recently said to me; “Take pleasure in the little things it’ll make a difference”
As I thought of the simplicity of that statement, I also considered the honesty of it. I often find that in the midst of chasing the ‘dream’ we often miss out on the beauty that surrounds us each day. I find that in my desire to achieve and attain great heights I have often forgotten to stop and appreciate the things that have helped me to dream. So I have written a list, this is not the things that I am grateful for (as that is an overwhelming list), but it is a list of the moments that I have come to cherish.

1) Getting Lost in a good book
Let me tell you that I often forget how good this feels until my head is stuck in another spell binder. The smell of a brand new book, or the musk of an old one. This is a simple pleasure, as natural as any, more nourishing than most.

2)Waking up just in time to see the sunrise
Each sunrise is unique and each sunrise is beautiful! The sunrise needs nothing to making it amazing. It just is. Each time I wake and witness the dawn, and then marvel at the sunrise, I cannot help but smile. I stay grateful for a new day, a new chance, a new beginning; because it is a brand new sunrise!

I do not live in close proximity to most of my friends and family. As a result, most conversations tend to be over Skype and Face-time. After hearty laughs, lengthy speeches and idle chat, there comes the time when we stay silent. People say that silence kills and I believe that, but sometimes that silence heals me. I know that on the other end of the line someone cares for me. I love that silence.

4) Writing in the moment
I love words! I love how one word can say a million things! I love how allegories come together and comparisons turn into lyrical conversations. I love how once a person speaks to me, I begin to compose an essay. Sad or happy, in love or lust; the words flow ardently forcing me to write them down. Writing in the moment is always fueled by uncontrollable passion and energy. At times, the words written may not even make sense to a person reading later. Yet in that moment the cathartic power of writing is so intense, it always leaves me spell bound.

5) A cup of Tea and A slice of cake
Yes, I had to refer to tea again! The calming power of a cup of tea is profound! I relish in the ability to please myself that way!

I hope you enjoyed this list of my little things!

Tell me, what are the little things that bring you pleasure, and who do you share those moments with?
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