Photocredit: Disney Cinderella 2015

Photocredit: Disney Cinderella 2015

I wish I was cinderella! I wish I was Cinderella! I wish I was Cinderella!

Nope not because of the prince, the castle and the absence of any real function for the rest of her imaginary existence, but because of her fairy godmother!

As I watched the recent rendition of the Cinderella story I was enraptured by the costume design and the way the story was told. However, once Helena-Bonham Carter came on screen and worked her clumsy magic, I began to wish. I wanted someone to sweep into my life, acknowledge my hard work and good traits and reward me with my hearts desire. In that moment as her one wish to go to her ball came true, I began to sing the Whitney Houston and Brandy song titled ‘Impossible’ which was a key song in the most multicultural cinderella movie I’ve seen in my life. I began to think, if a plain pumpkin can become a carriage then surely my wishes could come true, perhaps there is a magic potion, perhaps working too hard is not always the only way.

Unfortunately, Cinderella does go to the ball. She does dance with the prince and he falls in loves with her. But she has to leave, because after all its just a charade. The magic does not last, it wears of at midnight! Why midnight anyway, isn’t that when the party gets started? But I digress. The magic fades and everything goes back to the way it is not how it could be. Cinderella is back home in her rags communing with mice and not princes. Suddenly, I snap back into reality, and become aware of the fact that I actually have no desire for this feeble magic.

That magic moment when she becomes a princess comes just as quickly as the magic moment her carriage becomes a pumpkin again. Sometimes I think we all want a quick fix to our problems and difficulties. Something that sorts things out for us so we do not have to think about it ourselves. Many times, we may even settle for the quick fix, the promise of a band-aid to cover the wound because we cannot deal with it yet. The problem is, that won’t hold a gunshot wound, and as easily as that band-aid went on, it will easily fall off. The problem with magic is, the longevity of it is not assured. So instead of wishing for a little bit of magic, or some fairy dust to make things seem brighter, perhaps we can bring out the cloth and polish and attend to that dulling chalice. What if instead of waiting for our fairy godmother, we place a crown on our very own heads and go to the ball. Just don’t refuse the dress if she offers you one by chance.

Remember to have courage, be kind and do your best; things tend to fall into place when you work hard.

Lots of love
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