I recently stumbled upon the photo of a beautiful couple who had recently celebrated 40years of marriage. As a admired the wife, I was convinced that she couldn’t be a day above 40, but Lo and behold she was only a few years shy of 60. As I perused their photos further, I observed the way her husband held her hand, cast loving glances her way and danced with her; in that moment something within me whispered; “how I wish.” As that thought came to me I put their names into Google ( don’t judge me, it was the next natural step), what I found was not what I was expecting. And my interpretation of the loving glances, longevity of marriage and vow renewal altered, and “how I wish” flew out the window.

There is a well known Yoruba proverb that says; “a pregnant woman need not envy a nursing mother”. I find that proverb to be a lot more interesting that the typical proverbs chastising envy. The reason for this is that this particular one addresses envy along with the concept of time. It suggests that it’s only a matter of time before the pregnant lady holds her own baby and has the opportunity to nurse as well, and that’s an astonishing and truthful fact.

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Let us for a minute or two put aside the green eyed monster we are all so familiar with when talking about envy. Instead let us consider our longings and the things we wish for so desperately, things we know we will only attain in due time. Do we ever rush into things because of the “how I wish” voice. How many of us have rushed into relationships that were wrong? Or made sudden life changing decisions because we could not wait? Sometimes we hasten the process; ignoring the fact that time is a key ingredient when it comes to fulfilment of desires.

With the advent of social media, we are all inundated with the success stories of friends and strangers alike. Many times we only celebrate the joys, never the sorrow or hard work it took to get there. Statistics suggest that most women will in fact get married and have children if they truly wish to. However, if you suggest that to an average single 26-year old female she may feel the pangs of despair. Why is it that we can often wish for the things that are coming our way anyway. I don’t think it’s because of envy, but is this a sign of impatience? Or is it greed? Perhaps another tactic is called for when dealing with such longings. Why don’t we focus on the good things we have. Try writing them down, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how much you have to be thankful for? Remember, your current situation is what someone else is praying for!

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