I have often joked to my family and friends that if I were to marry a Nigerian man he may likely be from the South/South Eastern parts of Nigeria. Why? I haven’t the faintest idea. However, I recently came across an article by Vera Ezimora where she satirically discussed the issues that may arise when Yoruba’s and Igbo’s become one in marriage. In Vera’s case, she is an Igbo woman married to a Yoruba man, I nodded and laughed at some of the items on her list, you can read the article here. Lo and behold, after watching the video below, I realised that there are subtle cultural differences which are able to wreck unnecessary havoc in homes, satire aside.

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Soup, was the cause of the strain in the video above, however, it is an actual issue. I often assumed that ‘Egusi and Ogbono’ belonged to Yoruba’s. How wrong I was! This past year, I have become acquainted with several Nigerian soups and dishes that are just as wide and varied as the Nigerian dialects! When I heard about Onunu a plantain and pounded yam dish commonly eaten by Okrika people of Rivers state, I was amazed. I had often assumed that I knew a few things about being a Nigerian cook, however, I was quickly put in my place by onunu. Hence the reason I have started asking Nigerians that I meet; ‘so what is your people’s soup?’

Culture what is it with the kola nut? I just don’t understand it! I have Igbo friends that don’t understand it. So how is ‘an outsider’ expected to to comprehend the complexities that involve ‘passing of the kola nut’ ? Also ‘osu vs. non-osu’ that is the question? I was unaware that there was a caste system in Nigeria. I had always assumed that tribalism, was the issue, when you throw caste’s into the mix, geometry turns into astrophysics.

Language, yes I acknowledge that my Yoruba is weak at best. I cannot converse easily or construct an argument in Yoruba. So how am I expected to learn how to speak Igbo fluently? My friend once said to me ‘efficient Yoruba speaking is about gesticulation’, and that is very true. Due to the dense population of Lagos, many Nigerians can understand Yoruba to a certain extent, regardless of their tribe. Yet I know more words in Hindi than I do in Igbo. How is that even possible?

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So I wanted to share the video above with you. If you were the wife, what would you have done? I would certainly have been upset as I know Gbegiri takes hours to prepare! It is the soup to make if attempting to please a prospective Yoruba mother-in-law. If you were the husband, would you have eaten your wife’s cooking, simply to keep the peace? In an attempt to be better acquainted with Nigerian cooking, I will aim to cook a Nigerian dish (including Northern dishes) that I have never cooked before once a month in the coming year! Wish me luck!

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