I recently had a conversation with some friends about love. The consensus was that true love did not exist. These women were of a wide range of racial and social classes; their common denominator was heartbreak. As I attempted to encourage them that love did exist, they asked me to define love. In my attempt to define it to them, I had to ask myself certain questions. What does love mean? What does it look like? What kinds of love exist anyway and which was the most important kind of love to have? Because I feel that we have been lied to by most mainstream media, Eros may not be the greatest love of all.


This is described as the ultimate type of love Biblically. It is sacrificial; it is altruistic in its nature. It considers the needs of others above itself. This is the kind of love that dies for the other; it does not exalt itself. This is 1 Corinthians 13 personified. This is the kind of love that Jesus displayed by going to the cross to die for humanity. It is not selfish; it is rarely found.


This is the typical love portrayed in romance novels and movies. It was initially described as erotic love and described as madness and an uncontrollable urge to seek for pleasure and closeness with a particular person. This love is blind, it makes people act out of character;  it is possessive.


This is often described as familial love, love of family and friends. It is built on mutual respect and understanding for one another. This is often deep friendship that eventually turns into a romantic relationship. Storge lovers are not like Eros lovers in that they often cannot pinpoint the moment that their love became Eros.


This is brotherly love. The city Philadelphia gets its name from this type of love. To have brotherly love one must consider the other person as an extension of themselves. To be brotherly to someone else, one must also love themselves.



Over to you

Reading about these Greco-Roman definitions of love made me think? Which of them is the most important? Which one do you desire? Which of them do you think conquers all? Does true love exist? And if it does which one of the above does? Share your thoughts in the vote and speak in the comment section below.

Does True Love Exist?

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