Do not underestimate the power of your words,
the power in them when you speak,
you string them so lyrically,
punch after punch you get your point across.
You forget it is not ears that are listening,
but a heart that is breaking.

Do not underestimate the strength of her back,
though she has fallen and is barely walking,
one day she will rise. Because
the stripes will heal, the cuts will scar,
But the memories of the punches will remain.
On the day of healing, she will leave you behind.

Do not underestimate the silence that she speaks.
Because her lips are not moving
that doesn’t mean her heart is not speaking.
She has swallowed your venom;
she has accepted your sting,
but one day she’ll reach her zenith, and drop you from it.


image credit: Jenna Simon


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