Hello, Folks! Welcome to another installment of the VE Interview Series. This month we have Ope Davies, Youtuber extraordinaire. We are confident that you have seen her infectious smile alongside her husband Ayo on their highly acclaimed YouTube channel. If you have not heard of them before, please inform the class the rock under which you have been hiding, no worries today, you will be enlightened. Ope and Ayo Davies have blown viewers away by their down to earth charisma and their openness in addressing common marital issues. Her relationship with her mother-in-law (the Queen of the boys) is coveted by many and his wedding song written just for her is still on the lips and hearts of romantics worldwide, you can download the song here. It is no wonder that we were super excited when a damiloves reader recommended her to us and she agreed to join our line up. Our conversation with Ope was packed with wisdom and we certainly want her to visit again.

Who is Ope Davies

“I am a woman after Gods’ heart, I love to praise God, and I love pouring love on people. I love to encourage happiness and joy. You cannot see me without my smile, it’s my trademark.”


On her infectious smile

“I like to be happy, and it helps that I have a husband that makes me laugh all the time. It is important to be thankful, I know how much God has favored me, and I am grateful. When having a bad day, it is important to look around and find something to be grateful for; there is always someone worse off than you.”


What does the Proverbs 31 woman mean to you?

“She signifies ‘calm authority’ she does not have to exert her authority with her mouth. Instead, she does it with her demeanor. She does not rule over her husband; she is calm and respectful towards her husband. He listens to her because she is respectful, and she works with him in partnership. She is a real woman, she is honest with everyone, and the Bible says her husband can trust her. She is not idle, and she is not busy gossiping.”


On submission in marriage

“Submission is a learning curve. For you to submit to someone, you have to love or respect them. I do not feel that you can be taught how to be submissive. It depends on character, and submission is something that only God can help you to accomplish.”


On the difference between submission and obedience

“You obey your elders, and that is not submission. Submission is you following your husband’s instruction when you have the power to do otherwise. Obedience is following the rules because you have no options. For instance, if a woman’s husband said she should not make a trip, and she does not go because she does not have the means that is obedience, If she had the means to make the trip and did not go out of respect for her husband, that is submission.”

On feminism in the home

“I say yes to equal rights and equal opportunities, yet at the same time, a woman should have a particular place in her home. This does not mean that she is a second-class citizen. Modern day feminism can be at the detriment of the family, if it focuses on women’s rights above that of men. Both genders have roles in society that they need to fill to achieve a balance as one cannot excel without the other.”


We want people to know that a Christian marriage can be fulfilling Ope Davies Click To Tweet


On God in the details of YouTube

“We did not decide to start our YouTube channel on a whim; we needed to get Gods backing. As a result of this, He is always included in what we do. We want people to know that a Christian marriage can be fulfilling.”


On “Ayo and Ope’s” dreams for the future

“We certainly want to speak to people on a global level about marriage and giving people hope that God is still in control. The goal is all about saving marriages for us. The wedding day is fun, but it is in the days after that you need to put in the work.”


On maintaining a personal life despite being on YouTube

“We always decided that we wanted to be as honest and open as possible, but we have also promised each other to keep certain things to ourselves. As we know “little foxes spoil the vine” and we have to be cautious. Our family members also keep us in check and tell us when it is too much.”


Advice to budding YouTubers

“Just start, you may not be the person to have one million subscribers; but if you change one person life, the blessing in it is unbelievable.”


On her relationship with her mother in law (the Queen of the Boys)

“That is my mum! When we first got married she told me that she wanted me to feel like her daughter, she is the Proverbs 31 woman. She and my mum have become friends, she loves me and everything that comes with me. How can you not love someone who loves you so well? I will encourage single men and women to pray for a good relationship with their in-laws, my parents interceded on my behalf on this subject. A good relationship with the in-laws is essential for the success of marriage.


On the process of hard work

“My husband puts in all the time and effort into editing the videos before they are uploaded. We did not realize how much work that aspect will be. YouTube has become our second job in addition to our commitments. All the lovely videos are down to Ayobami Davies.”

On learning new things in marriage

“We learn from others, our parents and our mistakes. It is silly to make a mistake and not to learn from it. The wisdom we have gathered is from God.”


Advice for married couples

1. Always talk to your spouse
2. Never let a disagreement turn into a fight
3. Pick your battles; not all disagreements should turn into fights
4. Be prayerful, be aware of distractions


Do not run any race with anyone but yourself-Ope Davies Click To Tweet

On having it all as a woman

“I do think you can have it all, but it will not be perfect; one aspect is likely to suffer. We should try not to be perfect because that is when things are likely to flop, and if it doesn’t flop, people are waiting for it to flop. Perfection is often based on what man measures, and it is not according to what God says. As a woman you can achieve your goals, it will be difficult, but it is possible, do not work with someone else milestones.”


On motherhood

“It is so important to be a good example to your children, as they are the ones going to carry on your values to their workplace and their children. The same applies to being a good example to your husband and being able to tell him right from wrong.”


On the Damiloves tagline “learn to love the life you’re living”

“Do not run any race with anyone but yourself, become your competition, set your milestone, most of all, set your own goals. Be yourself”

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