Hello everyone, I am back with the next instalment in our ‘Virtuous Enterprise series’, if you missed the last one, you could read it here! So Chisom was nominated by someone who follows me on Instagram, and I did some investigating. Chisom is the ELOY Award nominated makeup artist behind ‘beautified’, her youthful exuberance is seen on her Instagram page, and her warmth is felt in her youtube videos. You would not believe the energy and warmth that flew off her email when she replied to my invitation to partake in our series. There was such a wide grin on my face as she wrote back saying she was happy to share her story because she knew Gods’ hand was in it right from the beginning. When we finally had the interview, I was just so amazed and in awe of the things she said and the way she spoke. She spoke with such confidence as a child of God, humbled by His grace in her life and hopeful for the things He was yet to do. Speaking to Chisom encouraged me to obey God with immediate alacrity, to envision myself living my dreams before they are a reality, and to become the wife I want to be today. I know you did not come to read me keep speaking, so I’ll let you read the interview now. Be blessed and encouraged by what you read, share, subscribe and leave a comment. xx

On starting Beautified

Growing up as a child I was fascinated by makeup, and I often watched my sister applying makeup, and she taught me how to shape my eyebrows at the age of 10. Though I did not get the shape right that day, the passion did not leave me. When I went to university, I often referred to myself as a part-time student, but a full-time makeup artist and dancer. During my National Youth Service Year in Nigeria, I was teaching basic makeup skills to others, but I realised that as you teach others, you became more equipped and gained more skills. I became aware of a shoot that Eva Alordiah was running, and though my application seemed late, the Holy Spirit encouraged me to apply anyway. Following that shoot I got into a makeup course that she was running, Eva encouraged me to continue to pursue my dreams and to ensure I got branding right. I was so encouraged by Eva, we all need destiny helpers after all.

On leaving her 9-5 job behind

After my National Youth Service Year in Nigeria I was blessed to get a job with a media firm. However, my dreams to be a makeup artist remained alive. During the six months I worked with that company, I saved well and ensured I invested in the right tools and appliances to be a fully equipped make up artist. In times when I was afraid of my discussion to quit, I realised that when God led the children of Isreal out of Egypt they did not lack anything. My mum simply encouraged me and told me to pray and ask God for direction, and that gave me so much peace, that I was headed in the right direction.

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On learning from others

After leaving that job, I received Gods favour and became an intern for an already established makeup artist. I focused on why God sent me to this job, I learnt about business management, branding, and customer service. God indeed graced me in that time and taught me so many things that I may not have otherwise been able to learn on my own. Following that oppurtunity, many other opportunities came my way but I promptly realised that not every open door is God’s door, and we need a spirit of discernment to choose right.

On the name beautified

My mum has been such a blessing, and she helped put me back on track after I lost my dad she said: “stop asking humans for advice, they are not the ones who gave you the vision.”  I felt God say that “He will beautify my clients inside out and that I was His vessel.” I investigated the name and registered it, and that simple act of obedience was God propelling me to greater heights. I believe that when God says something to you, prompt obedience is necessary.

Not every open door is Gods door

On Multitasking as a woman

God gives us a special grace for every season in our lives. This means that if God opens a door that He will see us through it. I was often worried as to whether or not I will be able to manage all my talents and relationships, and I decided to start learning and reading and improving my skills. Do not waste your skills, youth or singleness. Use your energy to improve yourself, my mum calls a married woman a manager, and I think that is apt. That is the essence of the Proverbs 31 woman; good time management.

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On the pressure to be married

‘God makes everything beautiful in His time’, do not rush into marriage. Society makes up certain rules abstractly, only wait on God, prepare yourself to be the wife that will be found. Do not wait for the wedding to before you are a good wife; no one wants a liability.

On being a Christian in business

I pray daily that God takes out every element of pride, the lust of the flesh, and lust of the eye. I always pray that God fills me with humility and the grace to be slow to speak. This matters a lot especially in the area of customer service, the words of our mouth are so important as Christians. We need to ensure that nothing tarnishes our testimony.

To young women going into business

Do not be concerned with what you can see around you, instead see every experience as a stepping stone. Look forward at the bigger picture, know what you want to achieve. You must have a vision and desire; God also needs to known what you want. If you ask God for a car, you must envision yourself in a car, and already know how to drive. Stop complaining, instead be a solution provider, be a blessing.

On the damiloves tagline “learn to love the life you’re living”

I believe your life story will change someone’s life, if you don’t learn your lessons you may not be able to influence others.

There it is Chisom Okere and her pearls of wisdom. I hope this challenged you to step out in faith and be the best version of yourself! Don’t forget to share comment and subscribe!!

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