Hello, friends, we are back with another installation of the ‘Virtuous Enterprise Series’. This month we have Olamiposi Odeyemi the CEO of ‘The Hunters Cocktails’. Hunters cocktails caters to events by providing signature cocktails with a customised twist. I was first made aware of Hunters when I saw photos from Arese Ugwu’s Manchester Event for her book ‘The Smart Money Woman’, and I was interested.  My chat with Olamiposi was so inspiring; she taught me about the importance of being present in the moment and committing all my plans to God in prayer. To let you in a little secret we bonded over our mutual love of ‘Turkey stew’ (Praise the Lord). I hope you enjoy her interview below, make sure you show her some love in the comment section below. 

On Faith

On the proverbs 31 woman
“She is a legend; she keeps her home and business in a way that an average woman may not be able to do. Her husband appears to respect her business, and she is also able to keep her home up to standard. I aspire to be like her.”


On Growing in faith

Have faith in the God you are trying to be close to, you can also grow in faith by hearing the testimonies of others. You cannot over emphasise the importance of reading the Bible and meditating on the word of God. If you don’t know Him now, there is still time. I will also say that you should try to get a place where you can be still before God and for me I have found that place to be my car. It is also a good thing to join a prayer group and or have a prayer partner.”


On Prayer
It is so important to put God in the centre of everything that you do. I truly believe in the power of focused and persistent prayers. I have found that when I have a need, I would rather call my friends from my prayer group because I know they will hold me up in prayer.”

On Marriage

On balancing family life and business
“My husband has certainly encouraged me to concentrate on propelling my business further. I would say that the myth of having it all is possible only to an extent, for instance, I have a son and I have to think about balancing childcare and job opportunities. It is best to use opportunities when you are single because you will have to consider the effect that your choices will have on your spouse and children when you are married.”


On carrying one’s husband along
“There is a way to speak to one’s husband to bring him into support of your ideas. It is important to explain and be clear about your vision; I will say that communication with one’s husband is very essential. You must be present in every moment, if you are at home you must be present in the moment and not thinking about business finances.”


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On sustaining marriage in the presence of culture
“People do not seem to understand the meaning of marriage anymore. How things were done in the age of our parents and grandparents is completely different in today’s society. A Christian marriage should be celebrated more, and based on the Christian life that the couple is living, not cultural expectations.”


On submission in the Christian marriage
“Submission does not mean that if he says I should go to sleep then I have to go to sleep; No; that is not submission. To me, submission means understanding what your husband needs and wants at a particular time. Submission involves you respecting him as a man, and if you are physically able to do what he asks then you should do it; your husband should not ask you to submit if you are not physically able to do so. Submission is not just obedience.”

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On being domestic as a single woman
“I will certainly say that having a few domestic skills as a single woman is useful. A woman may find that while dating, her partner may seem to enjoy doing certain house chores but will change immediately after marriage and expect her to take the responsibility.”


On Hunters Cocktails and business

On starting the business
“To be honest my husband encouraged me to pursue this, and the first event I did was for the wedding anniversary of a friends parents. A friend of mine was in a similar business, and she encouraged me and gave tips on being focused and determined. So I prayed about it with the ladies in my prayer group, and prayer gave me a clarity that I did not have before. My vision changed and ever since I put God in the centre of it things have improved significantly.”


On her favourite events
“I certainly love serving cocktails at weddings, because there are so many people that you get to meet. I have a rather bubbly personality, so I enjoy carrying the crowd along.”


On Vision
“Vision is essential if you start something based on what other people are doing it is bound to show in your business. I do not rush into things if you look at others as the competition you will likely break down.”

On serving alcohol as a Christian
“I endeavour to work with what the client wants; I realise that if I refuse to serve alcohol, I will limit my clientele. I do not serve alcohol for intoxication. I serve only the minimal amount of alcohol prescribed for a particular drink; I have not designed our brand to be about intoxication. We serve alcohol in moderation.”


To women who are afraid to get into business
“I will encourage women to be bold, for instance, I was not sure if I would be able to stand in front of people and mix drinks, but with practice, I have gained confidence. I would say that you must have people around you who will speak words of encouragement to you. I will say that you should also get the education and skills needed to excel which will give you some more confidence. Do not be distracted even if people say negative things.”


On her vision for Hunters in 10 years
“I see Hunter’s cocktails being a company that caters to events and trains future mixologists. I see us growing beyond where we are today; I see Hunters becoming a National and International brand.”


On why you should use Hunters Cocktail Service 

“We will work with you every step of the way to make your dreams come true. I aim to develop a good rapport with our clients to ensure your event is fun filled and memorable. We are also open to providing training service to those who are interested in mixing drinks, so you can be a mixologist to your friends as well.”


On the Damiloves tagline “learn to love the life you’re living”

“You need to love the person you are at this moment. If you don’t love the life you’re living now then you have the power to change it. You should embrace yourself and be comfortable in your skin; do not be distracted by what others are doing.”


A few Random Questions

Advice you wish you had received before motherhood

“I wish I had known that pregnancy was not interesting, I had a rough pregnancy and no one ever told me the truth about how difficult it could be. I feel that people hide the truth and want you to experience it yourself.”


Her favourite meal 

“Turkey stew or prawns”


Her favourite cocktail 

“Pina Colada”

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 I hope you enjoyed Olamiposi’s interview and I am confident that you gained some bits of wisdom. Remeber to stay present in the moment and commit all your thoughts and plans to God in prayer.

Do leave some comments below and let us know what you think. Until we come your way again with encouragement and don’t forget ‘to learn to love the life you’re living’.

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