Hello, friends! We are back with another episode of virtuous enterprise! I hope you enjoyed the last few instalments, if you missed them, you could read them here. This month, we have an internationally acclaimed hairstylist on the blog. Tola Olayanju has become a household name as the CEO and hair artist behind ‘Charis Hair‘. Many women and men would be familiar with the jaw-dropping styles she creates for brides and models alike, it is no wonder that her master classes are filling up fast from London to Lagos; Johannesburg to Harare. I implore you to read and savour this interview, Tola speaks with wisdom far above her age. She understands the value of Gods grace, the importance of womanhood done Gods way and obviously, she believes in the empowerment of women worldwide. I hope you enjoy her interview! I sure did.

On God in the Details

There was no motivation when I started, but I began based on passion. I am a qualified mental health nurse, and hair styling was something I did as a side hustle. However, when I started a particular job, I prayed to God that I wanted to remain in that place for a year only before I moved on to greater things, exactly a year later the company running the service I was providing shut down and everyone had to go. I expected God to give me a better job not no job at all. As a result, I moved back home, during that time I persisted with hairstyling to keep myself busy.”


On getting discovered

During that period, I began to style hair for photo shoots all around England. Although I was not getting the recognition that I was hoping for I persisted. I recall a certain shoot I did, upon arrival, I realised that the tools I had expected to use were not with me and I had to improvise. I was disheartened, but I put a photo of the final result on Instagram, and BellaNaija saw that picture and reposted the image and that encouraged and motivated me.

On encouraging young people

Our psychology is so important, and as children look for five-star stickers from their teachers, we all need to be encouraged. Encouragement is similar to the reward we are looking for; it is important to remind others when they are doing something good. I often felt that I was not relevant or a solution provider, but encouragement went a long way to help propel me forward.


On women empowerment

We must recognise that when a woman gets higher on the ladder, there is a tendency for some women to envy her. But even in the midst of that, the empowerment of women is necessary. I will emphasise that women should still pursue their dreams and do what they love, regardless of the difficulties they encounter.

On God in Charis Hair

God is the centre of my business. There is no way I could tell my story without God being the focus. ‘Charis’ means grace in Greek and that means getting things you don’t deserve. God’s grace will cause favour to chase a person. It was God’s grace that has helped Charis to get international recognition. It was grace that brought me to where I am today especially seeing as I was not professionally trained as a hair stylist.


On the Proverbs 31 woman

She is a strong and wise woman, who has foresight. She knows how to raise her children and ensures her home is well taken care of. She has her husband’s back. She has the vision to make plans for the future of her family.

On Christian Feminism

A woman who always wants her way will find it difficult to be a Christian woman that is submissive to her husband. You cannot sustain that in the physical realm because you have tried to swap it in the spiritual realm. A wise woman knows that when she loses a battle it doesn’t mean she has lost the war, it takes strength to let go. It is a strength as an independent woman to submit to your husband.”
Knowing your identity will prevent you from being swayed into a perishable reality-Tola Olayanju Click To Tweet

On social media and insecurity

Knowing your identity will prevent you from being swayed into a perishable reality. We must also recognise that some of the possessions people flaunt were not obtained in a legitimate way. No one else should be ‘#goals’ to me; I must be the best version of myself. We must remember that owning the latest designer brands does not imply wealth.”

Worst relationship advice she ever got

I was once told that I should create a fake facebook account and monitor his habits, to catch him cheating. I would not advice anyone to do that because seeds of doubt begin to grow.


On women who inspire her

Chevelle Franklyn and Funke Akindele. Funke Akindele Inspires me so much. She has so much passion and character and has made career choices that have encouraged me. I have learnt from her that you can become great without compromising your beliefs.
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On joining the cast of Jenifa’s Diary

I styled Funke Akindele’s hair for an event in London, and that was how we met. During the week when I styled her hair, she told me about the opportunity to play Sharon, and she encouraged me even though I had never done any professional acting. She believed I could be Sharon and it was God’s favour that helped me play that role.


On the Damiloves motto ‘Learn to love the life you’re living.’

Life is not a bed of roses; there is always hustle and bustle. I feel that life will not always be fun, but we have to enjoy the process and love aspects of it. That way you can tell your story when the sorrow is over.


There it is Tola’s interview I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Remember that God’s grace will cause favour to chase you, but you have to believe in Him and have faith. When things don’t work out, keep busy and do everything well with diligence and determination. You never know who is watching.
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Learn to love the life you’re living xx

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