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Have you heard about this tag? #wastehistime2016. Women all over the world have started describing things they are doing to waste the time of gentlemen in 2016. They have come up with suggestions on how to avoid spending time with certain gentlemen, or how to get what they want without giving anything back. To be honest with you, when I read some of the tweets, I giggled a little bit. Women have been the recipients of such harsh treatments by many men, its seemed like they were getting their own revenge. However, though this seems like a harmless joke yet, it is something that is frequently done by many women and I have to term this as cruelty.

Why I don’t believe in #wastehistime2016

I do not believe in cruelty. I do not subscribe to the point of view of keeping men on the side burner as a ‘just in case’. If you have no interest in him, I would discourage leading him on. A friend of mine recently recalled the tale of a mutual acquaintance who was so in love with a girl, he was convinced she was the one. She had sent all the right signals, she spent time with him, cooked for him, called him and shared all her hopes and dreams. Lo and behold New Year’s Eve 2015, he confessed his love, and she said they were just friends. He felt she had led him on, he was heartbroken, he was a prime example of #wastehistime2016. Some may say that he read too much into her actions, however, I agree that she gave him false hope, knowingly or unknowingly.

How not to #wastehistimein2016

1. Do not call him
2. Do not go on random dates with him
3. Do not suggest #netflixandchill
4. Do not lead him on

BEWARE, Karma Exists, and she is a female dog Click To Tweet

BEWARE, Karma Exists, and she is a female dog. There I said it, what goes around comes around. Whatever you send out into the universe is recorded and bound to come back to get you.


Ladies, stand up against #wastehistime2016.

Until next time, Dami loves taking a stand.