I was failing
I saw the test coming yet I still failed
My own reaction caught me of guard
The extent of provocation
I could not withstand

I thought I was strong
Yet my strength proved weak
I thought I’ll overcome
but in the storm I wasn’t meek

I was failing
and he whispered
“You may as well give up now”
again he whispered
“No one can save you now”

The tears of failure
No one can understand
When you’re on your knees crying
“I know grace can’t help me now”

But then I listened
to the softer gentle voice
not the one raging, and screaming
Not the one saying give up and run
I paused and listened to the sound of peace

Yes you failed
But stand up and walk
I am here to convict and remind you
there is grace still available
If you just stand up and walk

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