A male colleague at work recently payed a comment on the size of the average female handbag. Raising the question; why is a woman’s handbag always so heavy! Perhaps that is an over generalization, not all women have a heavy handbag. I have a friend who goes out often with only her bank card and keys. She makes do without a bag or purse on a regular basis, as a result, she finds the size and weight of my handbag both unnecessary and cumbersome.

This made me consider the average man, just like my friend, most men can leave home with the clothes on their back car keys and a bank card. You pick them to do this on a random day, in a random week and they will be perfectly fine, without loosing an iota of sleep.

Unfortunately, I am not equipped to function that way and I need to have a few necessities to ensure comfort, so I decided to make a list and share them with you.

1) Hello Period
I cannot leave home without tampons and pantyliners! The number of panties I have lost to the sudden red flag when my period tracker app was a few days wrong is astonishing. So what happens when I’m on a train, on a hike, at church or worse on a date? No protection no departure!

2) Hand Cream
This is so simple, I wash my hands several times during the day, I need to ensure they stay nice and soft. Beauticians say you should take care of your hands the same way you take care of your face. So if I’m going to be washing my hands, they need to be moisturized too.

3) Pocket Tissues
This is simple, if your nose runs you’ll need a tissue. You can’t predict when your nose will run.

4) Chapstick
Chapped are not in fashion. Licking your lips to moisturise them is not cute. Well moisturized lips are always in fashion.

5) Bobby pins and hair bands
How am I supposed to control flyaways? I have 4c Afro hair which is not very malleable, I need to be prepared. Good boys-scout 😉

6) Pen and notepad/ iPad
Francis Bacon said “a man would do well to carry a pencil in his pocket and write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought are commonly the most valuable and should be secured, they seldom return” This is so true especially as I writer and even when I recall my creative thoughts, I never reproduce them in the same way.

7) Mobile phone
Unfortunately, I may require my phone a lot more than I like to admit. Mainly because of apps such as; you version, Instagram, Pinterest, iBooks and many more keep me occupied during a boring lunch break, or bad date (sorry😥😳)

8) Compact Mirror
I often find myself needing to check the state of my hair, my makeup and my teeth. Not everyone is kind to tell you when a bit of spinach is stuck between your teeth.

9) Wallet
I find it difficult to leave home without my wallet; I’m well aware that the only necessary items I need are a bank card and driving license. The main reason this never happens is because I always have a hankering to take my loyalty and point cards along, after all the points add up.

10) Umbrella
I live in England, the weather is unpredictable, I need an umbrella.


Not included on this list are; a bottle of water, my satnav, antacids, iPhone charger/ power bank, hand sanitizer, chocolates, blotting paper, perfume and many more! And as the list piles up with both necessary and redundant ones, the weight my bag carries increases and the subject births a blog!!

What’s in your handbag, and which one of those items do you find most essential?