I saw the video below, and I realised how deeply ingrained in us the idea of witchcraft is. I have often been fascinated by the African focus on the spiritual; we seem to blame everything on ‘witches and wizards’. I have more often than not wandered what may happen if we (Africans) took responsibility for our actions as opposed to blaming the world of darkness for our suffering and struggles. Let us face it, many times we blame ‘witches and wizards’ for the things we cannot explain. Someone once said that ‘in the west, technology is witchcraft, in Africa, it is ‘your mother-in-law’, I beg to differ. I remember when I was younger, a woman at the hairdressers accused another of being a witch simply because of the length of her hair. There are children in many African villages that have been accused of being evil and, as a result, have been tormented bitterly, I weep for these innocent ones. My definition of witchcraft these days is what I see in a lot of African politics.

When I think of things like Dasuki gate and the reported billions that have been stolen in Nigeria; I call it witchcraft. It is the epitome of wickedness, and this is the source of suffering. Why do we blame spirits, when there are people we can point so clearly to? Why do we go on suffering while smiling, when we can demand for better? Do not misunderstand this to imply that I do not acknowledge the presence of the world of darkness, I do. I believe that if you acknowledge the power of light and the Holy Spirit, you have to be aware of the evil counterpart as most of the world is a duality. I see suffering inflicted by the hands of humans, and I have to call it witchcraft.

Next time someone mentions to you that there is someone from their village chasing them, or that that it is the devil that is after them offer to pray with them, but also find out what part human hands have to play in it. Many times, we are at the root of our own misfortune. May God help us.

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P.S. I do know if there was an explanation for the tree in the video if you do, please let me know in the comment box below!

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