Did you hear about the angel
The one wearing a white agbada with matching fila
Or did you see him walking with his mates wearing sunglasses indoors
Let me tell you about Yoruba angels no not demons!
I said, angels
The ones no one speaks about
The ones who are never celebrated because the world is full of clowns

Let me let you into a secret, one that has been hidden from the beginning of time
One about men who come from the oduduwa line
Did you hear about a king who crowned his wife Olori?
Did they tell you about the number of yams he offered for her?
Did they tell you that he refused to sell his daughter for a vast expanse of land?
Let me inform you that he sent his daughter to the scholars
He taught her languages and gave her great books
He carried his little girl on his shoulders and showed her the world

Did they tell you about the battles he won?
And how he conquered thunder and became a god
He taught his sons to protect other men
To square up their shoulders, to fend for themselves
He showed them the way to oke-ora, a difficult path may be worth it in the end

Who told you he cheated? Who said he lied
Tell them to show you the truth in his eyes
There is never a story with only one voice
Sorrow shouts louder than joy, be careful not to hearken to its voice

I can tell you more stories about a Yoruba angel
I can show you the power hidden in his arms
The hunger burning in his loins or the yearning deep within his heart
I can show you so much, but you may never see
To know these stories, you’ll have to take a journey with him
Go ahead; I dare you


The urban dictionary refers to a ‘Yoruba demon as A Nigerian guy (Yoruba) who goes after a young lady’s heart with no intention of loving her. They are typically met at parties, and would mostly wear white agbada (clothing). They sometimes are seen in groups.’

Hello friends, I wrote this as a rebuttal to the ongoing claim that Yoruba men are demons, as you recall I wrote a controversial article on the subject a while ago if you missed it, you could read it here.

What do you think? Do you agree? Has the ‘Yoruba demon’ joke been taken a bit too far? Share below any testimonies you have of Yoruba men, you know I’ll love to read your stories.

Until next time xoxo

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