A letter to my community: Day 15.

I have chosen to write a letter to the men and women of the Yoruba community, I acknowledge the over generalisations placed on them by society, but I am also aware of the wealth and power they possess.

Image Credit; africandigitalimages.com

Image Credit; africandigitalimages.com

ọwọn awọn arakunrin mi;

Yoruba women
I don’t know when I started to believe that you had a lot to bear. Dealing with Yoruba men, being the loud one of your peers! ‘The market woman with full lips, raised voice kissing her teeth as she hisses abuse’ How did this stereotype come about! ‘Bear children, raise them to be great, accept husbands as they are and compensate! Happiness in marriage is a fallacy not even a fad’. Tell me why is this so? When you have so much strength! When you excel in all you set out to do. When society revers you. Take your pride back, claim your strength. Let us demand faithfulness. Not as an option, but a priority.

Yoruba men
Please explain to me when this level of distrust came. ‘Yoruba men? Can’t trust them!’ It’s like a plague. Tell me? Is this a result of a breed of false witnesses or a breed of evil doers! Why has your name become synonymous with ‘egotistical, liar cheater and heartbreaker’? I’m confused, I don’t want to believe it, I don’t want to expect it, I don’t want to become so accustomed to it that I end up indifferent to it.

Dear community of Yoruba brethren, I love you! I love our rich culture!
Our language, our folk lore, written and otherwise it is part of our nations treasure!
I love the fact that we strive for excellence in all that we do especially in education! I want to pass on this rich culture to my children and generations after. These negatives that I have mentioned I hope are for the present only! A glitch in our history to be followed with more tales of achievement.

ni ireti