Bible Study Guide: Will you sleep at Boaz’s Feet

Bible Study Guide: Will you sleep at Boaz’s Feet

I am so glad you are here! I am also so delighted that you have picked up this e-book! If you have downloaded it and have also joined our four-session online Bible study, I am super excited to have you on board and can’t wait to meet you virtually.

A lot of people know how much I love Bible study. I like having multiple versions and commentaries spread out on my table with highlighters and pencils of different colours. The Bible is such fun; full of scandalous stories, laughter, with so much grace and mercy in all the pages. However, something more important is in those pages, everything points to Jesus, His nature, His love, redemption and sacrifice.

That is what the book of Ruth is about, redemption and grace. While organising virtual dates for Christian singles, I had a lot of conversations with men and women alike about courage and humility when seeking a spouse. A lot of people raised the love story of Ruth and Boaz as an ideal romance story, while in the same breath telling me why they had set limitations on how God will send them a spouse. Then I raised the question; ‘would you have slept at Boaz’s feet?’

The answer was a resounding no, with 50% of those who voted on a poll of the above question saying never. So it was clear that many of us want the outcomes of the love story but were not willing to take the steps necessary to have those results. So by God’s grace here is a Bible study, seeking to answer that question.

A lot has already been said about Ruth and Boaz by theologians and scholars but as we study together let us ask the Holy Spirit to teach us new things from this beautiful love story.

As we study this fantastic book of redemption, we will review it from the viewpoint of courage and humility. Will you have the humility, faith and courage to lay at the feet of Boaz, and by doing so sit like Mary at the feet of your master Jesus?

Let’s dive in!

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