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How Does it Work? (10)

Contact details will only be shared if both participants request this via the match request form after the initial date

You are free to do so during the initial date

You can request more time 1-2 hours via a Match request form after your initial date

Most of our participants agree that it is enough time to know if they want to speak with a participant again.

You don’t have an opportunity to know who is on the other side until they log on

You will be given dates and times with log in details for zoom. You will have 30 minutes to log on, date and transition out of your date onto the next date. You will be allocated 3-4 dates back to back over several days

Yes, If you are not open to meeting someone in a different continent, we cater to that too

No we do not, the service is currently open to those aged 25-40

Yes, but suitability is assessed on a 1:1 basis

We give you the opportunity to meet all participants in each round, this is often 8 -10 people

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