Nigerian dating trends in 2021

Nigerian dating trends in 2021

virtual dating experience nigerian dating trends 2021

Are you excited about the potential Nigerian dating trends in 2021? 

We are here at damiloves, can I be honest with you? We kind of lost momentum as 2020 started to wind down, and who can blame us? There were so many reasons to quit and give up on love, dating and romance. 

However, we will not give up. We will adapt and come up stronger, survive and thrive. 

Dating in 2020 took up the trend of virtual dating; those who were uninterested in online dating took it up and gave it a shot. Some were lucky while some still have love pending, do remember the key points here. Regardless of where you are on this first weekend of 2021, it is inevitable that these dating trends that took over any Nigerian and the world, are not going away in 2021. 

Virtual Dating  in 2021

This is one dating trend that is going to continue in 2021, with the development of new apps like clubhouse nad twitter trying out their own version of stories, virtual encounters are going to increase and more interaction means more love.

Online Dating in 2021

 Online dating apps generate an enormous amount of revenue and are an excellent way for singles to meet and find love. This dating trend is going to grow exponentially in 2021 with many apps integrating video and audio chat functions

Valentines Day 

Valentine’s day is a big deal for any Nigerian, and this trend will not be different in 2021. Here at Damiloves this will not be any different, we will be having a special speeding dating event on 14.2.2021.

Ensure you submit your dating profile as registration will be available to only those who have a live profile of the site.

So there they are, the dating trends for 2021

Are you ready to join us for our valentine’s day event this year- make sure you submit your profile here so you can be invited to register when the time comes 

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See you soon 

Damiloves xx

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