How do I get dates

Although dates are random in allocation, we offer all male clients a 1:1 clarity call before allocation of dates This streamlined process means that our service is bespoke and not mass-produced. We will release our dates in instalments; triannually You will be updated when dates are released. Please note that registration is free and we…
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How do you use my data

Confidentiality is our priority and we will not share, photos, names or social media details without your consent

How much does it cost

Registration of interest is complementary and the fee is disclosed once a free consultation clarity call is complete and accepted. Please note we only offer clarity calls to male clients

Do you conduct background checks

No we don’t but we ask for references

Why Christians only

Shared interests and values are crucial in business and friendships. We also believe that faith is essential when building relationships too

What if I want to share my contact details

You are free to do so at anytime you wish during your date

Are you a matchmaking service?

We are not currently offering matchmaking services

Is my faith important

This service is currently open to those who profess Christianity as their faith

Is my location important

No, you can register from any location worldwide

Where are your participants located

Worldwide, we currently have participants from the United Kingdom, Nigeria, the United States of America